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  1. @noona I actually did send an email to bighit about this I think a month or 2 ago
  2. I'm in shock it's a full-lenght album but I guess it makes sense. They wouldn't give us a mini after 8 months. I can't wait for May 18
  3. WINGS, YNWA and LY:Her they all have their good points and bad points WINGS is the only one out of three with a proper marginalization. Photos are not going in the binding they are done how they should be, unlike in YNWA and LY:Her where parts of photos are missing bc someone didn't count in the width of the binding while doing prepress preparation. YNWA and notes from LY:Her were horribly done. White font on a peachy background, peachy font on a mint background???? Also the font size is too small YNWA definitely has the best cd packaging. It's absolutely perfect. I hope it will be the same for LY:Tear so I can put cds on my wall.
  4. I do have a folder dedicate to BTS in suits so I'll start with the leader and the oldest RM JIN
  5. I finally remembered this event exist so here is my latest promo
  6. When I just think about how much work they did while they were in LA makes me wanna cry I'm glad they have been resting and making their new album in peace.
  7. @YiuP_Ntoday if you played as a guest it will be deleted but if you connected your social media account to it than you should be fine
  8. @YiuP_Ntoday Did you try this one https://apkpure.com/superstar-bts/com.dalcomsoft.ssb
  9. If you're wondering why some people are happy eshy is no more
  10. I'm thankful for what he and his team did for BTS but I'm one of those people who is actually glad they terminated their contract with him.
  11. I watched No More Dream mv while I was on my break from kpop so I was like I like it since I do like hip hop but they somehow try too hard to look tough. The member who caught my eye was Jimin. Later on, when I got into them I forgot I liked Jimin the best and Tae became my bias. now I'm ot7 with no bias living that extra life.
  12. I had no idea this event started but I did ask people to join yesterday
  13. @Chim Chim Star™ It's on both albums so I guess they added it there bc Young Forever had less songs