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  1. From what I understand, those who do this now receive fat lawsuits. So I hope they got bail money.
  2. Good luck to anyone who decides to apply! Bangtan Base staff is a great one.
  3. BT21's first shop in the west coast has officially opened up today on July 27, 2018 on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles, California! Fans started to line up as early as 4 PM the previous day to claim a spot. According to sources on Twitter, people lined up outside received tickets to enter the store, BT21 balloons, and autographed BT21 posters. Fans were allowed in by groups and each group that entered was given 25 minutes to look through the store and make a purchase.
  4. BigHit responded to the the leaks of the fancafe in which the members can be shown dressed up and playfully kissing each other on the cheek. ARMYs held responsible for the leaks received account suspensions on social media such as Twitter. Additionally, a warning by BigHit was issued stating there would be no new fancafe content for a month if continued.
  5. "Twitter user @cali_armys made donations towards the care of Kenny the Coconut Crab at San Diego Zoo and named Namjoon as the Honorary Adoptive Parent." Source: Reddit
  6. UNICEF posted a special message to BTS and their fans on their fifth anniversary! BTS teamed up with UNICEF last year to start a “Love Myself” campaign to support the organization’s efforts to end violence against children and young people. BTS and their fans ARMY are currently celebrating the group’s fifth anniversary on June 13 through an event entitled “2018 BTS Festa,” and UNICEF shared a video using a hashtag for the event at midnight KST. UNICEF executive director Henrietta H. Fore said in the video, “Thank you BTS and the BTS ARMY. You’ve raised over 1 million dollars for our work to end violence against children and young people. The ‘Love Myself’ campaign is proof that young people around the world can come together and make a difference. From your music to your messages to your donations, you’ve shown the power of kindness. We here at UNICEF purple you!” UNICEF used the special meaning of the word “purple” that is shared between BTS and ARMY, which is defined by BTS’s V as “to trust and love.” Source: Soompi
  7. Oof, I legit talk to my sister about this all the time because in my mind, Taehyung really is my man. Shoot me- But the thing is, Tae and I are incredibly alike it's actually scary. I really do feel my bias is simply just a reflection of myself. The goofiness, the childlike humor, interests.. Hell, even eating a whole meal in under five minutes. So I suppose a great date would be playing Overwatch since him and I are both diamond+ rank, eating A LOT, and listening to music since we both can listen to multiple genres, artists, and tracks and enjoy it thoroughly.
  8. So with LY: Tear released, I need to just scream about this one. Can someone tell me how the heck Outro: Tear is the least listened to on the album? Rap line snapped! AND SUGA'S FLOW I JUST-. BRINGING OUT THE AGUST D. I really feel Attack on Bangtan is slept on as well. That is the BTS song, fight me on it.
  9. Hey there! There's two options you currently have. One being you can order your desired tickets off SeatGeek, a reliable third-party. Or, you can wait for Axs to finish investigating any scalping and order your tickets off their main site. However, you could also wait a few months for when the prices drop and get your tickets then. Remember people will have things that come up and will have no choice but to resell at a lower price! They'll have to get rid of them! I wish you the best of luck. ♥
  10. I was able to purchase my sister and I tickets this morning for the show at the Staples Center for 9/8! I have now updated the guide with more information based on my personal experience today. If there's anything you guys have questions about, please just ask. ♥
  11. Yeontan, hands down. I just love how quirky the smol thing is. For some strange reason, Yeontan reminds me of my younger sister.
  12. lol "Clean Bandit" and Echosmith in 2018. I actually have never even bothered watching this award show but I just might only to make sure I witness BTS win all four categories.
  13. Guess I gotta watch the World Cup for the first time in my life.
  14. Catch me at the Staples Center. Setting my alarm for the morning when tickets go on sale. The goal is to get floor "seating" for my sister and I! It would truly be such an awesome experience.