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  1. Taehyung is art. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
  2. Hey there! There's two options you currently have. One being you can order your desired tickets off SeatGeek, a reliable third-party. Or, you can wait for Axs to finish investigating any scalping and order your tickets off their main site. However, you could also wait a few months for when the prices drop and get your tickets then. Remember people will have things that come up and will have no choice but to resell at a lower price! They'll have to get rid of them! I wish you the best of luck. ♥
  3. I was able to purchase my sister and I tickets this morning for the show at the Staples Center for 9/8! I have now updated the guide with more information based on my personal experience today. If there's anything you guys have questions about, please just ask. ♥
  4. Yeontan, hands down. I just love how quirky the smol thing is. For some strange reason, Yeontan reminds me of my younger sister.
  5. lol "Clean Bandit" and Echosmith in 2018. I actually have never even bothered watching this award show but I just might only to make sure I witness BTS win all four categories.
  6. Guess I gotta watch the World Cup for the first time in my life.
  7. Catch me at the Staples Center. Setting my alarm for the morning when tickets go on sale. The goal is to get floor "seating" for my sister and I! It would truly be such an awesome experience.
  8. Legit every morning that my sister and I wake up, we go to each other just to say, "We're going to the BBMAs... We're gonna see BTS in the flesh." I'm still in disbelief. Her and I watch them every single day, listen to their music every day. Just can't believe it.
  9. *inhale* I have at least one dream with Taehyung in it.. Every. Single. Night. I also was one of those people who swore that fandoms were just the most pathetic creation on planet Earth and I constantly told myself and other people, "I really don't understand how one can be so infatuated with one thing! It's so ridiculous." Meanwhile me in 2018:
  10. Hello Sugakookiexx! You can find the price ranges on any of the ticket purchasing sites. I'm not sure if this applies to every venue, but for example, to see the boys at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, the price range is $60-250. Depending on the size of your party, I suggest purchasing together if it's small (2-3). However, to buy tickets together in a larger quantity, I suggest you all purchase different amounts. Say you're going with 6 people, divide buying the tickets up between you all. It is always more expensive to go in parties than going alone. Hope this helps!
  11. FAQ Please refer to this FAQ that I set up! Had to follow certain procedures to be able to land myself a seat at a currently sold out show. I hope to spread some knowledge from my personal experience to you all.
  12. BTS Tour Ticket Guide So you want to see the boys in concert. You've looked into the the locations and prices and are set on going. Awesome! However, as we all know, getting these tickets isn't a walk in the park. That's why I decided to make you this guide to hopefully make things a lot easier! I. Knowing Where You're Attending It is very important that you know where you are attending because some websites don't offer tickets for certain locations. Before the tickets are live, do a quick Google search and find out who will be carrying the tickets. Even when they're not live, you'll be shown the location, event, and date and occasionally a price range. If the area you're going to requires you to spend more on a hotel, food, gas, etc. be sure to think about all of that before splurging on concert tickets. You'll still have a great time even if you're not on the floor! Better to be there than not at all. II. Purchasing Tickets Before BigHit even announces that the tickets are up, be sure to register on ticket purchasing sites. This saves you so much time and anxiety and makes the process to purchasing less stressful and quicker. Make sure to have customer support on speed-dial, literally, in case the site crashes. I have personally experienced an instance where the site was so full of buyers that the website I was buying concert tickets on crashed three times. However, I was still able to attend the concert after receiving some help! If tickets sell out on the site, do not worry and do not give up! This does not mean the show is actually sold out. Third-party companies purchase tickets to events to resell for higher prices. If you're not willing to pay extra, people do sell their tickets back to sites such as Ticketmaster if they're no longer able to attend. Keep an eye out and check as often as you can. Try to not buy so many at one time. It's much easier to get the seats you want by purchasing say two at one time versus six. III. Site Managing Open up the designated ticket sale sites (refer to BigHit's website) on multiple devices. Phones, tablets, computers, anything you have. HAVE SITES OPEN AN HOUR IN ADVANCE. You will be placed in a queue! You have a higher chance at tickets the longer you wait. When it's your turn to buy the tickets, STAY CALM. Choose your desired tickets and have your card ready. Do not be bummed out if you don't get that ticket! Remember what I said: It's better to go than not at all! When the site crashes, JUST REFRESH. Links * = Third-party Axs: https://www.axs.com/ Power House Live: https://www.powerhouselive.net Ticketmaster: https://www.ticketmaster.com Ticket Network: https://www.ticketnetwork.com Songkick: https://www.songkick.com Seatgeek*: https://www.seatgeek.com I know this was very brief and to the point. If there was something I didn't touch on, please don't be afraid to ask questions! I'll be sure to answer to the best of my abilities. I encourage the rest of you to share some knowledge if you know anything on a topic. If there is anything else I feel I can add, I will do so. Be sure to check back on this thread often too!
  13. sadsda I updated the first post since Tokyo Lifestyle had BTS stuff surprisingly?? A whole aisle dedicated to just them. I have pictures but mobile is a pain. If y'all are interested in seeing them, catch me on Discord.
  14. Work is draining me and that makes me sad because there's so much I want to do for BBase and its community. It's just a matter of finding the energy..

    1. JungSHOOK.97


      It’s okay to take your time with BBase projects! Please focus on having time to rest from work if it’s draining you; your health comes first 💖

  15. I truly hope my efforts aren't going unnoticed? I'm actually trying my best for everyone and ugh it's all just so stressful.

    1. KookieMochi


      The people who matter notice. If nothing else, please believe in that.