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  2. YOONGI X BANGTAN GHJGJHGG I'M A SUCKER FOR THAT TOO (but nowadays I've been more Jimin centric but I wouldn't let a YG x Bangtan moment or fic past me) Dude we could be otp buddies suggesting good fics to each other. You have a great taste in ships.
  3. My confession: I'm a sucker for Jimin x Bangtan. All ships with Jimin in it I ship. I can read a fic about Jimin's BTS harem. I don't really have one OTP.
  4. DUDE SAME. I actually only watch the Special stages, but I don't watch their performances in weekly shows because I feel like it's all the same stuff anyway but with different outfits. Amen to this essay. You really went off right here. (also how come we don't have the "Tae sipping his drink on ellen" emoticon yet? That's iconic we should definitely add that.) Tbh I feel like I wanna cry when I see any of their baby photos they're too s o ft. I also learned that having Namjoon as my DP makes me a tad bit calmer and less turbulent. But I'm still Yoongism.
  5. As a hyung line stan myself, I see a lot of disdain towards maknae line stans for "not giving the hyung line much love" and it's just annoying, yet at the same time I know where they are coming from. It's the hasty generalizations where the problem lies I think. With the part where I say 'I know where they are coming from', it's just that I met a lot of maknae line solo stans in real life and I've gotten really tired of them treating the hyung line as if they're accessories to the maknae line. My seatmate is a "Jungkook bias" who tells me RM is ugly, and as someone who loves RM with all her heart, that's just really shitty to hear. It's sad how that's actually not the only case I can think of wherein I see irl people who call themselves ARMYS trashtalk the hyung line. Tbh when people talk to me about being an ARMY, I automatically assume they are ot7, and hearing such remarks about them from those who claim to be ARMYs is disheartening and disappointing. And I only know one other person irl who actually stans someone in the hyung line (She's a suga stan), which is a sad statistic considering there are lots of self-proclaimed ARMYs in my area that I know about. But I DO know some maknae line stans who are all for OT7. So I refuse to generalize. It's just really common and as a hyung line stan I hate that I have to endure people questioning my tastes in men because they think "Taehyung is more handsome than Hoseok" or shit like that.
  6. It all boils down to the definition of a fan. I think the koop fandom has the tendency to consider superfan behavior as 'real fan' behavior, when in reality you don't really have to dedicate much of your time to be considered a real fan. I've been inactive with BTS for about the whole of 2017 yet I still called myself an ARMY, simply because the boys and their music has a special place in my heart. I wasn't active on any events, and was totally late with all the news. But when someone mentions to me a good thing that happened to BTS even when I was inactive, I'd still be very proud. I don't think that makes me a 'fake fan' if my love for them is true. Also, multifans are extremely common in Kpop despite the fandom culture we have. If you're getting discouraged because of all the bad reputation multifans are gaining recently in the ARMY fandom, all I can say is being a healthy fan is being able to have fun. Being a fan isn't supposed to be a chore to anyone. You don't have to force yourself to continue liking a group you've lost interest in - imo that just appears more fake than leaving. You also don't have to force yourself to just like BTS and only BTS. You like what you like, and no one should police that unless what you like is illegal.
  7. Trash Jay: Who are you?
    Me: I'm you but stronger

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