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  1. OOh I shall enterey enter this My bias is, of course, the lovely king Jimin <333 I'm entering for Tear bc I already have Answer uwu Thanks, and good luck to all who have entered!
  2. Happy birthday to Jungkookie, our glorious Golden Maknae who can do no wrong!

    We stan a legend. 


    1. namjoon.exe


      Dad is that you?

    2. DIPI


      He is such a cutu baby bunny!!!!


  3. high school starts in 2 days



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    2. Love jungkook

      Love jungkook

      Best of luck,l hope you'll do best.:jhope7:

    3. DIPI


      Good luck!!!!:D

    4. Clover


      best of luck! If you need any help with anything just let me know! I will definitely be on here almost daily now, so I may answer you quickly! ^^

  4. same lol but i did actually like that show guilty pleasures at their finest
  5. reading your post and replying to it XD ahem what we should be doing is streaming IDOL and Jintro because it's IDOL and Jintro lol
  6. YOOOOO I CALLED IT AFTER THE SHAZAMS I SHOULD'VE KNOW- WHEN THEY COLLABED WITH DESIIGNER HE HAD SEPARATE TRACK TOO she did a great job in my opinion barbz x army streaming party? (:
  7. YESSSS EXACTLY (tear was much too dark and emo for me even tho i loved it xD) Here are my thoughts: This MV is honestly a total acid trip, but I love it because it's my acid trip lol I love it though- The different scenes provide different aesthetics and they're each so different and cool and thosse horns bring the latin vibes, but the traditional instruments offset them nicely RM is slaying me with his visuals- He really stands out to me this comeback andddd hobiii- they put an airplane in the background in his beginning part aww I like nicki's version too, cuz she killed it
  8. Hopefully the music shows don't tire them out BTS love us so much it makes my heart hurt
  9. @Clover mmmmm i love that one too not gonna lie
  10. BTS? I only know ARMY Bomb Ver. 3. ooooh I really wanna get this for Citi Field
  11. lol I legit never watch TV anymore, but I love me some CN Unpopular Opinion- Teen Titans Go! is a superior show