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Everything posted by namjoon.exe

  1. Y'ALL, I know I haven't updated in while but @I. Am. Jimin's got me into the manga BJ Alex and I am OBSESSED. I finished it in one night lmao so I would definitely recommend if ur into some comedic, yet kinky comics.



    And yes, they all have abs (And winged eyeliner)


    I will now bless you with the bible of Joon

    Scripture  I


    Scripture II


    Scripture III


    And finally, the birth of the Lord:


  3. I was reminded multiple times of the specific hour of Jungkook's birthday today by @I. Am. Jimin's. Mind you, in school.

    *cough* thanks biach*cough*



    Happy birthday Kookay thanks for making me get ovary removal and replacement more than once ; (

    (Not even mad)

    1. I. Am. Jimin's

      I. Am. Jimin's

      it'll be even worse soon cuz joon's is in 12 days and imma be prepared huney

      and loool why are all ur status updates so funny

    2. namjoon.exe


      @I. Am. Jimin's cause I'm born to serve huney

      (Cause my life's a joke)

  4. High school starts tomorrow for me


    So I just wanted to say it was nice knowing you, I love Kim Namjoon, and see you in hell ; )


    1. SeokSeok


      IMagine me shopping at one of the deoartment sttores here then i found a bangtan album on sale!

      (haha, such a dream)

  5. I do not post enough on here to participate but good luck everyone this is going to get bloody lol.
  6. Wow this sounds so beautiful. Like a true BTS aesthetic!
  7. EEEEEE me and @I. Am. Jimin's got tickets to the BTS Citi FIeld show. If you are going or are in section 126 lmk! I also got two sets of tickets (6 in total) so we're gonna have stacks of albums since a CD comes with each ticket. I don't normally brag but I'm HYPEDDD

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    2. SeokSeok


      omg isn't it vv hard to get the tickets??


    3. DIPI



    4. namjoon.exe


      @I. Am. Jimin's okkk I'll join lol. But maybe not seat #'s (We ain't gettin no stalkers)

  8. THIS is the Aesthetic of my dreams. Also, watch Tempted (The Great Seducer) with Joy. I just started it and I'm O B S E S S E D (They're all so hot, it's my bisexual culture, would recommend)



  9. Wow I haven't been on here in a while. I am OBSESSED w/ Killing Me and Cocktail in IKON's new album (Plz listen) Also, do u guys think Love Yourself: Answer is one of their last albums cause I can't accept it. 

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    2. DIPI



    3. I. Am. Jimin's

      I. Am. Jimin's

      Bro even if Jin does go into the military for a while and they stop making music for sometime they're still probably gonna make a comeback the same way BIGBANG is. It's definitely not one of their last albums, in my opinion at least


    4. namjoon.exe
  10. OOO thank you jesus Jin. Sounds fUN!
  11. 1:33 bro

    1. Worldwide_Handsome


      Quality Content lol

    2. I. Am. Jimin's
    3. ChimTae


      RM’s handshake attempts... 😂😂

  12. Look at these MEN 



    this is a FULL meal if I've ever seen one. Like I've never been this hungry


    1. I. Am. Jimin's

      I. Am. Jimin's

      lol how does ethan feel about this

    2. namjoon.exe


      Good question lol he dosen't check Bbase anymore

  13. Last one I swear. 

    "Oh, I've already seen this" 


    1. I. Am. Jimin's

      I. Am. Jimin's

      Lol I haven't watched this one yet good job

    2. namjoon.exe


      thanks bro I'm obsessed w/ Jinho now


    1. I. Am. Jimin's

      I. Am. Jimin's

      Been there done that but thx anyway lol

  15. Is it just me, or is Jisoo the female version of Jin. Not just in looks but like dancing and just presence. 



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    2. namjoon.exe


      @SeokSeok I hate people who ship idols just because they look alike

    3. SeokSeok


      @namjoon.exe oot but have you seen couples that actually really look alike with each other (it's funny xD)

      Isn't it the same like people ship Vernon and Somi just bcs they're both half foreigner...:uhno:

    4. namjoon.exe

    1. I. Am. Jimin's

      I. Am. Jimin's

      oooooh gsoul did a collab with zico that was good- ANTI

    2. I. Am. Jimin's

      I. Am. Jimin's

      also holy shiz this be a bop

  17. YO. My dad's in China right now and took this vid of an ad. FIRST, the sound dosen't work but Fendiman by Jackson Wangg is playing in the ad. Second, THAT'S MY SECOND COUSIN UP THEREE.


    (The link is weird. hope it works)




  18. 1:21

    1. I. Am. Jimin's

      I. Am. Jimin's

      *gay silence*



      lol the first video in this series was ha-larious xD 


    2. namjoon.exe
  19. i feel like a lot of ppl have seen this already but i find the process of Bad Boy (one of my favorite kpop songs) pretty cool. Especially when foreign artists work together 


  20. ok... I was interested in this song cause, duh, Japan. But I actually listened to it now and this shit a new boppp. Would recommend, props to Shawn


    1. I. Am. Jimin's

      I. Am. Jimin's


      not bad. 

  21. Entering! This is amazing, thankyou. My Screenshots : Twitter: Tumblr: Instagram:
  22. Happy Bday KIM HYUNAA