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  1. 201004 WEVERSE - J-Hope [Moment] 🐿: 💜 I'm curious about everything how's your day~ 💜 ☆ Lyrics from 'Boy With Luv feat. Halsey' 🎥: https://youtu.be/XsX3ATc3FbA 🎵: https://open.spotify.com/track/5KawlOMHjWeUjQtnuRs22c?si=bzJS2BulS6yXTBoMO9lqBg Trans by @Minyoungs_Satang
  2. 201004 WEVERSE - Namjoon [Post] 🐨: The books/documentaries/music I've been interested in/like recently I recommend these 😚 • Depth of Landscape by Kang Yo bae • Social Dilemma on Netflix https://www.netflix.com/title/81254224?s=a&trkid=13747225&t=cp • Ew by Joji https://open.spotify.com/track/7xcUWyLh6fIMsYjoVI7NnZ?si=qe3rygO1Td6UoGieXyEQcA Trans by: @Little Honey
  3. 200930 Jin Weverse Reply 💜: Have an enjoyable Chuseok*~~~~~~ 🐹: Jeulchoo jeulchoo!* 📸 trans '[Have a] rich and happy Chuseok/Korean Thanksgiving' *즐추 is short for '즐거운 추석' meaning to have an enjoyable Chuseok. Chuseok is very similar to Thanksgiving Trans by @Minyoungs_Satang
  4. 200929 Jin - Weverse Reply 💜 I'm thinking of these words 'It's annoying that there is only 1 person like Jungkook but, on second thought, it also wouldn't make sense that there would be multiple Jungkooks.' 🐹 Where in the world did these words come from? Trans by @Minyoungs_Satang
  5. 200925 V— Weverse [Reply] 💜: This may seem really random but.... I suddenly miss/want to see Jungkook ㅠㅠ 🐯: Someday, definitely heh *Meaning that someday, OP will definitely get to see Jungkook Trans by @Minyoungs_Satang
  6. 200925 RM — Weverse [Moment] 🐨: SeokJinah! Did I tell you that I am a master at this game? (Referencing that in “IN THE SOOP” Jin annoyed Nam by telling him that he was a Pingpong master) Trans by: @Little Honey
  7. 200925 RM — Weverse [Moment] 🐨: Me in a parallel world Trans by: @Little Honey
  8. 200925 RM — Weverse [Moment] 🐨: Still, 1.2Gb is a bit... (Excessive) Trans by: @Little Honey
  9. 200925 RM — Weverse [Post] 🐨: What is this sensitivity? It wasn't that beautiful (Refers to game graphics) Trans by: @Little Honey
  10. 200919 [TRANS] WEVERSE — JIN 🐹: I just got back from watching the I-Land final. Enhypen fighting. 🐹: What is this, how do I move the writing/text. *ENHYPEN is the new group formed on I-Land Original Post Trans by: @Little Honey
  11. 200918 [TRANS] Weverse — V “As it has been so hectic recently, I haven't been able to show up often. Since I'm recording a lot of videos for ARMY to watch and working hard on our schedules, please look forward to it”. Original Post Trans by: @Little Honey
  12. 200918 [TRANS] Weverse - V “TaeTae 🐯❤️ Have a nice dinner and have fun on your night time, Fighting ✊” TH: eung 🙋‍♂️ (yes) Original Post Trans by: @Little Honey
  13. 200914 - Jin's Weverse Reply 💜: #TheSecondSamsungGalaxyAd Jin and Jungkook episode They filmed an ad but made a movie instead...🤔😎 🐹: We were going to film an ad but they suddenly showed me a dance and told me to do it but I said..' Uh this..J-hope would a better choice for this' but (my words) were rejected. [Samsung Galaxy - Jin and Jungkook] https://youtu.be/Pii224aV-jY Original Post Trans by: @Minyoungs_Satang
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