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  1. OMG C-armys did that!!! It's a Christmas gift to BTS, but also I'm so happy and proud that a part of the money will go to Love Myself campaign #ENDviolence I can't believe it only took like 3 months!!! KINGS!
  2. @jin THANK YOU so much for creating such a wonderful community! It's truly a blessing to have a place where Armys can socialize and spazz about BTS. Also we're able to organize awesome projects for BTS too! "Teamwork makes the dream work" I would like to thank all the staff and members who keeps this community alive too. Happy 1st year Anniversary ! and looking forward to many more with y'all.
  3. This is good too!! Like Desiigner said, he adds that bit of "spice" The flow of the rap parts were good too! Especially Suga!!
  4. edit: [FANCAMS]BTS Mini Concert @ Jimmy Kimmel Live Blood, Sweat & Tears GoGo GoGo (2) Save Me Save Me (2) I NEED U I NEED U (2) FIRE FIRE (2)
  5. @Cypher• lol it was never confirmed. It was misinformation spread by Korean media. And like @Maphisto40 said, people (Billboards) not checking their sources..