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  1. "BTS – the current trendsetters in the industry." Facts. "Rap Monster alludes to BTS’ aforementioned ‘benefits of media use’ prior to the official press conference. “Because many opinions coexist regarding what the term ‘new media’ encompasses, it is slowly becoming more difficult to maintain a unique colour/flair without being swept away. We’re lucky, but we also know that we must work hard in order to maintain our own unique colour.” In other words, even though media has been of great assistance, in the end, BTS’s popularity can be attributed to their music." Humble and smart. They're right, it's not just about being good at using sns and communicating with fans. At the end of the day it's their music that has gained them attention since the beginning. Even the Social Artist Award was obtainable because of their music charting high on Billboards. Thank you for the trans Bubble! <3
  2. This is so great! I'm so glad Korea is recognizing them more. They deserve it. Thank you for the trans Bubble!
  3. BTS is nominated for Commendation of President at Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards, the annual awards hosted by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. BTS won Commendation of Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism last year. Established in 2010, there are around 4-5 categories and around 30 winners in total annually. If they win this year, they will be the first idol group receiving Commendation of President at this awards. According to the announcement, BTS is listed after 5 month-long evaluation and verification processes (Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism -> Minister of Government Administration and Home Affairs -> the cabinet meeting). Among this year nominees, there are only 8 artists and BTS is one of two artists nominated for Commendation of President. The other nominated artist is Bunny Girls, the famous twin sister duo in the 70s. The award ceremony will take a place on November 3rd 4PM KST. You can watch live on JTBC, Naver TV and Vlive. (trans; credits) . Update: Bang PD is (government) nominated for the 2017 Korean Contents Award (Cultural Exchange Contribution)
  4. (Official upload) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPTn-RNuhDk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCIl0tAm7OQ
  5. BTS Reaction to Blackpink at GAON AWARDS 2017

    Thank you for sharing Whistle and Playign with Fire two of my favorite Blackpink songs. Jungkook and Rapmon look really cute watching BP lol ** fan boys**
  6. Inquiries (Read FAQ First!)

    This user is new, so they might not realize this is bait thread lol. They have it tag as 'bangtan bomb' and it's in the wrong section. When in fact it's just a fancam (not original) of BTS watching BP performing at the 2016 Gaon Awards. I'm not sure what section it would go in, maybe the 'General fan talk' section..?
  7. Suga's Hair

    Honestly he looks good in many colors. But my favorite is Black. Second fav is silver <3