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  1. tbfh same ...i was actually expecting to be closer to namjoon and/or hobi
  2. Jimin's JOAH? JOAH! (I Like? I Like!)
  3. Source: Blurred Culture Prior to taking the stage in Anaheim for their second sold-out shot at the Honda Center, BTS was kind enough to take let our contributor ask a few questions about their Wings tour. The leader of BTS, Rap Monster, answered for the group: What are your overall reflections on the whole entire tour and how do you think this differs from your previous tours? [T]his is the […] the last episode of our trilogy … it’s the third one. I sometimes think like we did […] all the previous tour for the just Wings, so it really means a lot to us […] it really means that much. And you know like we’ve been to Chile, Brazil and now the states and I think these fans are the most enthusiastic in the world and they are singing along to all the lyrics and they do these crazy [motions with his bodies movements that the crowds did]. Everybody! We are so grateful for that. What do you think is the main message that you hoped the fans can take away from your promotions here? [W]e hope that they know [that] we thank [them] so much. Like ,you know, we don’t take all of that for [granted]. [This kind of love] didn’t just happen naturally. It’s because all [the fans], every fan in there, they vote for us, and they listen to the music for us, and they bought the tickets for us. [It’s because of the fans] we have some of the success and the attention[.] We just hope [that] they know that we know. So in your eyes, what is BTS’s culture? Like the fan culture? Oh, it’s the fan’s culture … okay that’s a hard question. (every one in the group laughs) I think it’s just all about the energy. It’s so crazy. You know it’s like, we’re like them. We are young people just like them. We’re [not] so extraordinary. We’re not like some aliens from like mars. We are [just] like them, [and they] are like us, so we are just having fun together and singing songs together[.] I think that’s our culture. Do you notice any difference between your Korean fans and your international fans? Oh yeah, of course, the first thing is language. (Rap Monster laughs) Yeah, of course. Yeah, [every where is different] and it depends on the place’s weather or their environment or the cultures … but the same thing is that they [all] know the songs. I mean they know the points and just sing together and just enjoy together and I think that’s it. That’s what important. That’s our culture. What do you want to say to the fans who have been camping outside since 3 am for you guys? It’s incredible. All we can say is, “Thank you so much. Thank you, and I love you so much. We love you.” You guys are on fire right now. So what do you guys want to say to your A.R.M.Y, cause I know each and everyone one of you guys should have said that everybody has a different skill, or brings something different to the table. But what do you guys think make BTS stand apart from other K-POP? I think one thing is the stories. Our stories and videos. You know … the songs. [We try to make our] lyrics are really so realistic. [L]ike I said before, you’re like us and were like you guys. We’ve been some harsh experiences in life, in school, in companies or whatever in society. So I think that simple thing is what we bring. [T]hat’s what we [bring] to the table. Yeah, Something different… Yeah, I think that’s what [makes] people feel the same for us. So what do you think is new in KPOP in the coming future? Like what’s going to be different? [T]hat’s a really hard question[.] I just hope that we compete in the industry, right? [There are a lot of singing groups] and I hope these competitions can bring [out] some more [quality] performances in music. And you know, when we do these big shows in America, and people get interested in K-POP and they could listen to other groups, right? I think that’s what’s good for us and that’s what competition is for. So I just hope that everyone could compete and bring some more high quality music and performances. And as your Wings tour comes to a close, what are your guys’ future plans for BTS? Do you guys want to focus more on international promotions or more promotions in Korea? HA! I think the first thing is that to finish the tour healthily. No one hurt. (everyone in the group agrees) Because this show is really harsh on us … with 26 songs and so like much energy … [we just hoped] that everyone [stayed healthy]. And you know next, we want you to know we are actually working on some music in our future plans. So please stay tuned and you will see. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for that new music. Check out this video from their show in Los Angeles
  4. game

    @SeokSeok I love you too @Cypher• awww no problem @Mongmungi thank you for everything you do to keep this place active!
  5. BTS will perform in Jamsil(the biggest stadium in Korea) for 25th anniversary of Seo Tae Ji on Sep 2nd. Original article
  6. Tae - The Social Butterfly and Namjoon - The Networking King
  7. [UPCOMING] V App: BTS GAYO - Track 13 - April 25th @ 9PM KST http://www.vlive.tv/video/28345
  8. BTS Gayo Track 13 - April 25th @ 9PM KST http://www.vlive.tv/video/28345
  9. http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201704240907030410 Fanboys:
  10. not sure... Anyways BTS were not announced during the awards...
  11. edit: @movietvdrama taejin have the same hoodi^^