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  1. @Cypher• I was just getting ready to post this. The fanchants and his smile
  2. other

  3. @dany @theseventhyee Welcome to the BBase! Hope you enjoy your stay here <3
  4. 1. This is not something that can be done by anyone. You need to accept this. +5895 -317
  5. [TRANS - cr.] Nyam nyam We will go and come back #JIMIN #BTSBBMA (T/N: It's an onomatopoeia for when you shovel food into your mouth.)
  6. @NekoChim @BunnyNoona @Vickk Welcome to the Base @Jimin30kook It's not just you, i find it weird also. It seems like their trying to fix whatever is wrong. Hopefully it's working later.
  7. Lol yes^^ I think it's the does look a bit different then usual photos
  8. tweet This is his old hair. I think this might have something to do with those leak photos of Hobi with a dog and on set...
  9. [TRANS - cr.] Byulie #JIMIN (T/N: It means 'star')
  10. Billboard Music Award Red carpet BBMA show: