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  1. i also love seeing them break so many records, i look forward to the ones they're gonna break in the future!
  2. why am i sobbing they're just so sweet and humble and looked like they really enjoyed themselves. they performed so well, it was all worth the long wait!
  3. thanks so much for making this thread! i love fan cams, the sound quality is always surprisingly good too, will definitely be watching them all later
  4. he's honestly unreal i'm living for the abs!
  5. I wish I could! I hope you find someone though and have fun!
  6. Please transfer mine over too! Thanks (:
  7. Wow, I don't even know if I'm surprised any more, they just keep getting more and more popular and more and more views. I'm so proud of them, it's a great MV too. I feel like I've already watched it 20 million times myself
  8. I don't think I'm ready to pick a favourite one, I can't decide but I really love Fake Love atm because it's such a bop!
  9. I've been so excited to come home from work to watch this and all the interviews that have been released and to finally hear the album THIS IS SO FUCKING GOOD
  10. Wow, they look so good. Honestly can't contain my excitement anymore