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  1. currently still screaming and in shock i’ve already looked at train tickets and hotel prices sksksk i’m so proud of them
  2. wah he's so cute with his wine ;-; can't believe he's turning 5 sksksk
  3. so glad to see them have a really good time and fully immerse themselves - i hope they are back next year and perform!
  4. hey melissa, hope you're okay! thought i'd drop you a message since you've not been on the forum in a while! 

  5. ooooh the forum looks so pretty in these colours i love it!

    i've been laughing all day at the video of jin falling over at their concert after being picked up by jk & tae he's so dramatic sksksksk i hope he's ok! 

  6. they're honestly the most beautiful human beings ever ;-;
  7. why is he so handsome lmao i can't~ jimin is so sweet saying they'll still be living in the dorms together for the next 20 years
  8. i love them all but jimin & jin’s definitely stand out to me! so much love for the windscreen wiper laugh
  9. i’ll miss you guys too! i need to go to sleep in a sec or i’ll just be a tired mess all day tomorrow lmao!
  10. ugh i won't be able to watch it live since i have to get up early for work ;-; enjoy tho guys, hope there's a lot of shots of our boys!
  11. thanks for adding more medals, time to spend some $$$ really think the photocards is a good idea too, i have a few so i'll see if i can scan them and if they turn out good quality ^-^ it's a shame the language clubs haven't really gone anywhere but hopefully you can figure out something as i think it's a nice idea and some people did use them!
  13. HIS DOG IS SO CUTE AJAKSKKAKS i hope they all have a pet !!