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  1. like everyone else said, don’t feel bad for having a bias! it’s normal and natural to gravitate to one member over others there might be something about that member that is similar to you like their personality or maybe an experience that you’ve both had so it resonates with you more on a personal level! i’m ot7 and i love every member for different reasons, as a 7 they make bts so i’m so happy that they’re all members and different and unique! they all mean a lot to me but there’s something about seokjin’s personality that draws me in so that’s why he’s my bias idk i just find him so funny and cute like his dad jokes and how caring he is! it’s hard to explain sometimes sksksk over the time i’ve been an army jimin has been my bias wrecker but i’d actually consider him my bias (as well as jin) at this point since he just constantly bias wrecks me so hard sksksk but again there’s things that i love about him and things i love about seokjin but yeah don’t feel guilty about it, it’s totally natural and you’re not doing any harm!
  2. great idea, this sounds like a lot of fun! i look forward to participating when i have the time :-) LET'S GO TEAM JIN! FIGHTING~
  3. i can't stop listening to it, it's so beautiful ;-; everything about it is perfect <3
  4. we've been spoiled today! i love it when jin gets stuck @ 2:28 LMAO
  5. his vocals...... he's amazing it's so beautiful, he works so hard i'm so proud of him ;----; apparently he wrote the song for his pets that passed away T__T did not expect to cry this much at this time
  6. by jin is coming!!! we're going to have another masterpiece, i can't wait!
  7. the most cutest, handsome men ever! these pictures are so good!
  8. travelling down to london tomorrow, watching bts @ wembley day 1 (on the vlive lmao) and then sunday is the day when i'm travelling to wembley to watch them live! ^-^ eeek! excited is an understatement!

    hopefully i can get some good pictures and videos :3 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. HobiBobi


      I'm up in the north east haha... so far!!
      I'm glad you managed to get good seats, either way it'd be an unforgettable experience <3

    3. Clefairy


      oh god that is super far for you u__u haha damn! there's going to be lots of other opportunities anyway i'm sure! :-) 

      yeah it'll be the highlight of my year for sure! <3

    4. HobiBobi


      I hope so ;w;
      Definitely, have a great time!!

  9. i wish i could smell them, i'm always hesitant when purchasing perfumes without smelling them but they look really sleek!
  10. JIN JIN JIN ah i bought one of these yday without seeing this thread! ;x i love it, it's a great idea!
  11. welp i've not been online in so long, life has been so busy u__u i can't believe bts @ wembley is next weekend, i'm going to D I E 

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    2. Clefairy


      yes, yes!! it's going to be the best c: i have an assignment due next week but hopefully after that i should have more free time ^-^ 

    3. Cypher•


      have fun!! by the way your Jin stamp is so cute yodRnjb.gif

    4. Clefairy


      i'm sure i will! :3 thank u i love it sm!! :RJ:

  12. i love those, they're super cute!!! i recently bought a koya light-up phone case, it's not official merch or anything but it's really pretty and super bright when i get a notification! i just want more koya things T_T
  13. one day, they will come here!
  14. LMAO the way they're handling the albums and the photocards sksksksk