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  1. WAH he's so sweet, they're all gonna end up crying by the end of this tour!!!! i heard he's sick with a cold at the moment so i hope he gets better soon!
  2. totally agree that he looks ethereal with the blue hair, i think this is one of my favourite hair colours he's had, he looks so handsome with it, really suits him!
  3. omg this is gonna be SO good, it's released so soon as well, they always shock me with the releases! really interested in hearing 'moonchild' something about that name is attracting me to it!
  4. i always say this but i'm honestly so proud of them, this is such a big thing and i'm glad they were just themselves around the president! WAH THEY LOOK SO GOOD IN SUITS TOO I'LL NEVER GET OVER IT
  5. i am actually so proud of them, i love the picture that they took with the president and the fact jin brought a watch with him so he could sign it wahhhhhh imagine being one of the lucky people that got to go to this event, i bet it was amazing
  6. honestly though i don't think a day goes by when i don't say how proud i am of all their achievements, they really deserve it!
  7. hope he can get some needed rest and get well soon!!!!!! such a shame he couldn't be on the show!
  8. i really enjoyed these interviews, they weren't stale and the questions weren't boring - they looked like they had a lot of fun!
  9. i'm glad they wore these outfits, they look so cute! i was also shocked when kookie said he had to have stitches but yeah i guess it is just a surface wound but they can take a week or so to heal, have to be careful not to pop the stitches out but hopefully they rest well and get better soon! shame jimin wasn't there but i hope he gets better too
  10. it was really interesting seeing them all sat down to begin with, with bts i feel like you always expect a massive performance but something small like this was really intimate and nice! it was a shame that jimin couldn't perform or even be there but it's cute that jk couldn't even stop himself and danced a little bit too, i hope they get better soon and rest well!
  11. he's so precious, it looks like he had a really good birthday! happy birthday jimin!!!!
  12. T_T they need to stop, i’m gonna have to buy this as well aren’t i?! this looks really good though i’m excited!
  13. i saw some videos of him sat in a chair, poor jk i hope he’s okay, he cried a bit but he shouldn’t cry 💖 get well soon kookie!
  14. travelled all the way to london, love our hotel we got upgraded to business class and there were chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us!

    tomorrow is the day i get to see bts live i’m so excited!!! i forgot my light stick though so i’m upset 😪 


    1. Cypher•


      have fun on the concert! :armyryan:

    2. Clefairy


      thank uuu!!! i’m so excited :3 :TaTa: