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  1. i can't wait to see what will come next! they deserve it all!
  2. AHHH I'M SO PROUD OF THEM :') i'm so proud this has happened in my country! congratulations!
  3. the entire album is so good, i wasn't expecting it to be like this! dionysus is my bitch bc of jin's screaming sksksk and i love jamais vu and home, they make me emotional. i can't get boy with luv out of my head either! it's so sweet that this is dedicated to us ;-; you can really tell they worked hard! (as always) ALSO 100 MILLION FUCKIN VIEWS THAT'S CRAZY they deserve it all !!!
  4. absolutely love this song! they’re so cute at the end screaming boy with luv and their smiles ;-; i love this era already
  5. ahhhh all pink bts! they look so handsome the choreography already looks so good too and we’ve only seen like 2 moves sksksk i’m excited to hear the rest of this song, sounds super catchy and i think the mv will be aesthetically pleasing!
  6. these names are so fancy! super excited, i’m feeling like a dionysus enthusiast
  7. happy birthday to me ^-^

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    2. Sincerelyyoongi


      Happy birthday loovviieeee 

    3. JoyD







    4. Clefairy


      @HobiBobi @Cypher• @Sincerelyyoongi @JoyD thank you bbase family! i had a good day ^-^ <3 

      & mar, i've also been mia sorry :c life is busy rn, i just started my uni course and work is a nightmare at the moment, hopefully we can get together and stream some more bv soon !!!! 

  8. oh wow didn't realise these videos existed, thank you for posting! hopefully there'll be better eng subs ^-^
  9. joon is way too cool, i've listened to this way too many times already today sksksksk I'M SO EXCITED
  10. the dolls aren’t my favourite, i saw someone on twitter edit the hair and some of their faces a bit and they looked SO good they’re not the worst!
  11. this vlive was so sad, i'm glad i got to watch it though, he's such a sweetheart and he's so open with us i love it! poor odengie, it was sad to hear the passing of him but i hope jin is okay i'm sure he will be! it was cute when he said 'don't be ridiculous' when someone asked him to marry them sksksksk
  12. i’m excited to see the dolls, let’s hope they’re not hideous but i don’t think i’ll buy them even if they are nice, dolls creep me out ;-; WOW THOSE PREORDERS THO !!! bts getting the recognition they deserve! i’m super excited for this comeback