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Everything posted by Clefairy

  1. WHAT IS THIS http://comingsoon.ibighit.com/
  2. welcome beomgyu! is that all of the members now?!
  3. LMAO i saw this before, congrats jin! it's crazy that they turned him into a crystal but it looks pretty good!
  4. oh wow how exciting!! i caught a bit of jimin's vlive & saw the tweets but was waiting for some translations, i'm excited to hear more about this and actually hear the song!
  5. okay so i've watched some of the performances and they performed so well but at the same time i can see the tiredness, i'm not sure i would've noticed it if i didn't already know that they were tired if that makes sense? the last song seemed a bit unnecessary but they still carried on and did their best, my favourite part was when tae picked up the confetti and ran across the stage to throw it at kookie skskskjskj also congrats to the boys for winning more awards! proud as always! obviously enjoyed wanna one and monsta x's performances as always, i've not watched anyone else yet~ when will wonho rip his top off again? i was hoping he'd rip off the louis vuitton shirt he was wearing ksskjksdjdslj
  6. AHH I'D LOVE THAT, it'd be so cute ;-;
  7. oh wow he’s born in hawaii? that’s so cool! would love to know his nationality but yeah the name doesn’t look stereotypically korean! HE’S SO YOUNG (^O^)
  8. oops my phone went weird sharing those links lemme try again Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. i’ve never and i don’t think i’ll ever understand this sort of behaviour, it’s just weird, they aren’t fans at all but yes! don’t engage, report them to bighit and block!
  10. soobin is rumoured to be 184cm tall, a vocalist and a '00 liner!
  11. the video was so warming! it really reminds me of euphoria txt is just gonna be full of cuties!
  12. god i love him so much, it's so nice seeing him have fun and being himself!
  13. dolls just creep me out in general ahhhh i never really liked barbie dolls when i was a kid either tbh i feel like i remember seeing the christina aguilera ones!
  14. hello soobin!!!!
  15. i was missing the red a lot but the BLUE LOOKS SO GOOD
  16. nice! jin is my bias but jimin bias wrecks me so often that he's probably a bias at this stage
  17. i think people are choosing to stan them for a number of reasons tbh like i've seen some people say they wanna be there from the start since they've not been able to be there from the start for bts which still seems kinda silly bc we haven't heard anything yet as you said lmao! i think a lot of ppl are just stanning them because they're under the same company as bts but surely we're stans of bts, not bighit, her way it's so weird to see so many accounts being created, maybe people are just trying to get the followers and become a big account lol it's kinda sad really but each to their own yeonjun is so handsome! i saw a few posts that confirmed he is in fact the hyung of the group so the others must be around 16/17/18 yrs old! i'm excited to see the other members and get to know them!
  18. i’m probably just being negative tbh LMAO hopefully armys are more mature than that :’)
  19. i know right! yeah idk why people are like that, i could never do something like that but people just don’t care, they wouldn’t like it if it happened to them though i was surprised tbh it was a hard one to find out about but someone said it without explicitly saying jin’s name lmao although it also makes me worried that it turns into chinese whispers where others may add more to the story and twist it, causing maybe more drama between fandoms either way at least it was more private!
  20. i saw a lot of this as well and everyone was just DM’ing each other about it apparently it’s related to death threats? idk if it’s just random people or other fandoms but that’s why no one wanted to say it in a normal tweet incase they got it trending and jin saw and got upset, seems like it’s died down now though, there’s always way too much drama on there
  21. i’m excited to see how this goes tbh but i honestly don’t follow theories or anything like that, it’s just too complicated for my small brain at this stage lol if i was a fan from the start then maybe it’d be easier but ugh it’d take too long now! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. the first member is adorable! at first people were saying he was 14 and that made me feel so old and weird lmao but he’s 19? bless still so young ;-; !!! i’m excited to see all the other members and to actually hear some music! wonder what their concept will be? i loved the video it was super cute! i need MORE