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Everything posted by Clefairy

  1. this vlive was so sad, i'm glad i got to watch it though, he's such a sweetheart and he's so open with us i love it! poor odengie, it was sad to hear the passing of him but i hope jin is okay i'm sure he will be! it was cute when he said 'don't be ridiculous' when someone asked him to marry them sksksksk
  2. i’m excited to see the dolls, let’s hope they’re not hideous but i don’t think i’ll buy them even if they are nice, dolls creep me out ;-; WOW THOSE PREORDERS THO !!! bts getting the recognition they deserve! i’m super excited for this comeback
  3. i love the sound of the new items! thank you for the updates & hope you're okay!
  4. i’m enjoying this so much and i’m actually starting to understand it but why does it have to be so sad ;-; Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. oh wow! this is mega huge then! i’ll have to tune in even though it’ll be super late here :’) i’m even more excited to see them perform now, especially since it’ll be their comeback ugh Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. i didn’t realise how huge SNL is like i obv know of it but apparently this is way bigger than all the other shows that they’ve been on!? (idk I’m not american) imagine if they get them to do skits tho holy shit i’m so excited for this comeback, even more excited for a pink album cover sksksk
  7. super cute, thanks for posting! happy belated birthday yoongi!
  8. i'm literally so excited, although i've ordered so much stuff off the bighit website recently and now i've just preordered the set today and my bank acc is WEEPING i've been reading the theories and it's so interesting! really looking forward to hearing some new music and watching the mvs and seeing the direction they go!
  9. Clefairy


    jimin used to be my bias wrecker but he's turned into my bias now alongside jin, he's just too cute ;-;
  10. they’ve been teasing this for so long omg.... i’m watching all the detective armys decipher it on twitter and it’s all starting to make sense! i’m unbelievably excited for this comeback, so much to look forward to!
  11. idk where to post this off my phone but i’m fucking HYPED SKSJSKSKSK
  12. great! i’ll join later on, will be nice to have a place to chat to you all outside of the forum
  13. omg they sound so good and their mv is super cute!!! so glad we’ve finally heard them
  14. aww so cute! i say this every single time but the cakes always look so damn good ;-; the bit with the fans was the sweetest!
  15. this is crazy although i'm not surprised, i was queuing up for tickets for london and there was 250,000 people in the queue as well they're literal KINGS! they've just announced some additional tour dates today as well so hopefully can get tickets for that next week!
  16. wow this is super cool, i'm excited to see how this turns out, hopefully armys will find all the puzzle pieces! it's a great idea!
  17. really excited for this, can't wait to buy it! i knew it was coming b..but bighit really doesn't want me to have any money this month sksksk this goes on presale on thursday and the concert tickets on friday? let me breathe ;-;
  18. currently still screaming and in shock i’ve already looked at train tickets and hotel prices sksksk i’m so proud of them
  19. wah he's so cute with his wine ;-; can't believe he's turning 5 sksksk
  20. so glad to see them have a really good time and fully immerse themselves - i hope they are back next year and perform!
  21. hey melissa, hope you're okay! thought i'd drop you a message since you've not been on the forum in a while! 

  22. ooooh the forum looks so pretty in these colours i love it!

    i've been laughing all day at the video of jin falling over at their concert after being picked up by jk & tae he's so dramatic sksksksk i hope he's ok!