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  1. @Chim Chim Star™ I don't even understand why it's a problem to launch it internationally cause it was available in english from the start so there's no extra programming needed But I have to say the korean app store has way better games than the german one That's at least something good ^^ 30%!
  2. @Chim Chim Star™ I just restart the app again and again and if I'm lucky it loads 1% more from time to time I'm at 27% now ^^ Sadly just letting it load won't work, I have no clue why. That's what's holding me back from spending money on the game cause I can never be sure that I can get it to run after an update x.x I just wish they would make it available internationally, maybe that'll solve some problems.
  3. @Chim Chim Star™ Yap, ios seems to hate me. I tried deleting and downloading it again but it doesn't load more than 21% v.v
  4. Mhh.. It says I have to update the app but there's no update
  5. @SeokSeok Same here. If I get it to load then I can't even acces the event page thing, it just won't load completely. Before/after every song I have to retry or restart the app. It's been like this for 2 days now
  6. Stuff I got today: 22k RP, 800 Emerlads, Normal Card Pack 10 and 20, 60 Headphones. When am I supposed to play that much?
  7. My game is lagging so much today, it's horrible x.x I have to reload before/after every game, before/after going to inventory v.v It's so annoying
  8. @Britney Lee Must be really hard to play with the mouse tho Hope you find someone who can help you
  9. @Nequisse So many RP I dunno how many I got but I spend them right away and yesterday I got a Jin R Card Wrong Theme tho.. I guess I'll change the theme for it, but I have to get rid of my signed Tae S Card then x.x
  10. @Britney Lee Sadly not, I didn't even knew you can play this on Pc x) Are you not playing on a smartphone or tablet because you don't have one or because you don't know how to download it?
  11. @Nequisse Nice Cards I'm missing Suga for Young Forever, Tae for HYYH 2 (I have a signed B card of him, but not the right theme ), Tae for Dark & Wild and Tae and RM for Skool Luv Affair. The rest is done with complete Themes
  12. Baepsae *scream* I wanted that song so much <3 And all the events I wonder what stuff we can get in the Golden Dog Shop thingy. And myy game has reeeeally long loading times now o.ô I mean like 20 seconds while going from one screen to another
  13. @Nequisse Nope, I gave up on it after 120 tries ^^ I'm on 3rd place currently, but since I don't have that many cards I guess it won't get any better. I try to get all the full themes and don't put other themed cards in there, so my points are pretty low. Sleep well