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  1. When u woke up to this: So u want to take back your precious 3rd place and leave,but in the end u ending up here : Im really trying not to care about league but this game keeps messing with my feelings
  2. @invisiblemeIM yeah do that event coz they can give u really good things @Chim Chim Star™ x2 and also if i didnt say anything,update im 22 Silver star,Silver I ,Nequisse . if someone is interested : ^(i didn't excepect that xDD Please let me stay that here ) ^ why this keeps happening
  3. i know that from the game xDD i didn't mean it in that way,i just dont know where i can see it somewhere etc (place where is it updated haha ) ok nvm im just dumb @SeokSeok glad to know i didn't make even bigger fool of myself
  4. @SeokSeok oh hi hi! - unless hi meant something else and i didnt realise it
  5. @Chim Chim Star™ i just tried to find where u can see all those updates ,and i feel like dumb shit coz i didnt find it
  6. undestand u really .im in silver I now but AGAIN coz i fell back to bronze III previous week and its embaressing coz i am 21 silver star and ppl here are mostly 15 bronze wingstar lvl,18 bronze wingstar lvl etc
  7. i can't do daily missions i think coz my inventory is full lol 5 slots left xDD btw fuck my life: im sensing at least 1 or 2,3 S cards from it Will this game give me break from this power uping/upgrading,like how about just giving me the S card from the packs?Why u making me work so hard for them ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Daily mission : clear Skool Luv Affair easy mode 1 star I Wanna scream.
  8. oh i know the pain gurl,my phone also laggin sometimes and even there was a time, when i was playing something(don't remember which song sorry) ,and it lagged in the middle of the game and because of that i lost,and from what i remember that would be my best score ,i hope it will get better for u tho v.v @Chim Chim Star™ thank u!i just came back home and im excited about those packs,im waiting right now to load,i hope i will get at least one or two S
  9. it's always the theme u don't need/want but at least u got R card.Hurray! i haven't opened packs yet,coz i want to do it when i will have daily missions so i will probably clear some of them and also those from the dog event at the same time but it would be at 6 pm and at 6 pm i have private lessions for 2 hours from math how the hell im gonna focus on math tasks while my mind will be thinking only about those premium packs
  10. @Callicarpa R JIn card wow conratulations haha don't throw out S card tho!If u don't have S card on this theme then leave it until u won't get it/make another S from actual theme.Coz this S still will give u more points then from different theme with lower grade.don't look on bonus score or rave points i don't remember how u call it,it will be more worthy for now with this S coz there's a chance that u gonna get more points with that S Tae then with Tae from ,,your theme'' who has lower grade. OFC IF U DON'T HAVE AN S AS I SAID @Britney Lee how do u even playing it on pc?i mean how u got it there? wow im impressed and also that playing with mouse can be hard.. wish u can 3 star other normal haha gurl that's some achivment,3 star anything while playing with a mouse!
  11. i only get emeralds once ,but i spent it the same day on emerald pack today im getting more and more rp but everytime im spending them on buying cards and power ups but its nice to hear that finaly u getting something!
  12. kkkkkkkkkkkkk~ btw Did u got finaly any luck in the event ? ^^
  13. guys i really love this doggy event even tho i was wary of it in the beginning coz i always have bad luck at this kind of events lol I will just say it short: im swimming in rythm points like i got shit ton of it,wasted quite amount and then agian i got another shit ton,and now AGAIN i spent some,but in the end i have right now 54 k but that's not the only reason why i love it! so many emeralds, emerald packs,normal packs and everything omg i got so many cards because of that ,so i could sacrafice most of them and make faster my S cards.And i got another A which can help me create ANOTHER S card..dear lord help me coz this process is exhausting.. But worth it in the end ! i can't wait for 6 pm,so i can have daily missions and another attendance and missions for golden dogs Also @Chim Chim Star™ Update,im 20 lvl silver star and 2nd in my BRONZE III League with score 6,314,568 ! i won't get back my 1st haha...the person above me is so dedicated that everyday i see more and more points..yesterday finaly i had 200 k points gap but right now is 500 k gap..