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  1. nah it's fine i deleted mine after i saw that she got it first! climb that scoreboard
  2. on a scale of 1 to 10 how absurd is this because i found something that matches, but i can't really tell
  3. it isn't a plain striped shirt, and the stripes aren't white either, might be easier to narrow down from there. but if i'm right the narrowing down part is plain brutal
  4. can ya tell me how many people there are in the screen at that point because i might be slowly going crazy
  5. The New Hill is an Illusion. The Truth is that it is a Bear Trap. Your Perception however tells you it is a Hill. Your Reality says it is your New Home. But the Truth is that you are a Bear, and you are in a Trap. I climb up the Hill and watch your existential struggles. Your disconnect and slow descend into madness. My Hill.
  6. i'm thinking they ran into technical difficulties uploading this on youtube bcos it was only up on vapp at 00:12... which means they sacrificed a sizable amount of views just to make sure everyone who waited or stayed up or woke up at an ungodly hour just for this got to watch it at least, and for that i'm pretty thankful. and especially with the twice comeback (unsaid competition for views blah) bighit still put us first. and this is absolutely spectacular. i love this song and the mv gives me a reason to stream it an unlimited times i'm so excited to see this on music shows tbh i hope they bring their back up dancers and seriously i can't imagine the aura this song would have, during an awards ceremony or something i mean like, they'd make the whole thing feel like their own concert! @Mongmungi LOL it's always us!! and it's ok haha and thanks to the mods too! way too much excitement to deal with every time :'''')
  7. new link up!! watch on youtube!!
  8. i thought this over for a whole day and it's finally hit me. i saw in the lyrics something i could relate to, and a lot actually. so i have a really great friend and we used to be really close but he grew depressed and suicidal and i hated watching him like that. you know, actually seeing the transition and how it fucked up his life. he is a great person and friend and nobody deserves that. someone who used to be optimistic and wonderful (it's still in him though, i know it is, it'll just take a little more time) now talked about wanting to kill himself. it broke my heart and i was so helpless. many things happened, we now keep in touch again, but the friendship is obviously more strained and unbalanced than before because it is impossible to pretend none of this happened and nor would it be right. we talk regularly now but you know, i wish he'll be fine soon, that this winter will be over for him and i'll be here to wait for him as much as i can. and this is what i took from the song. it just clicked, almost as if i had been denying it until this exact moment and i realised what you never walk alone means. it's a personal, beautiful song and i think everyone might see something different in it. i'm just really emotional right now. i don't know if it's right to share something like this but this song described so many emotions ive felt and tried to ignore for the past few years and i don't really know anymore. for me, this song is about comfort, and sticking together to get through winter. that things don't need to be solved and there's hope. that's why we never walk alone. i'm going to send him this song. guys, please take care of yourselves, and know you're never ever alone.
  9. ngl i was crying until that laundry mountain appeared and then i took a moment to appreciate yoongi then laughed a little... first time round i thought hobi sang the train bits but i listened again and he prob did support/bg vocals, you can also hear him in jk's parts, a little in suga's and at the end when they were all singing it got a little confusing. i had to listen very hard and i'm assuming that the breathing is his... hoping to hear him sing more live, i guess they have to do things a certain way for the studio ver... i love love love that tae sang the bridge, his voice is perfect for it. and i really really love rapmon and suga's rap. it fit so well with the song (that flow!!!) and sounded so good those are bits of the song i would actually go back to if i accidentally zoned out while listening and missed it! (wait, who am i bluffing, that's the entire song). and shit all the vocals were basically made for this song, jin, jimin & tae's unique vocal textures really gave it this special sound, and as usual jk's voice fit the chorus so good i can't stop listening. really really wish i could have heard hobi more, i love his sound and style. and like, the MV looks so good, incredibly aesthetic, they all look so good, i love love loved the landscape shots they look so immersed wherever they were like, bangtan is art, fact. so i was completely like, gone as a person for a good 2 hours. this is what they do to me