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  1. nah it's fine i deleted mine after i saw that she got it first! climb that scoreboard
  2. on a scale of 1 to 10 how absurd is this because i found something that matches, but i can't really tell
  3. it isn't a plain striped shirt, and the stripes aren't white either, might be easier to narrow down from there. but if i'm right the narrowing down part is plain brutal
  4. can ya tell me how many people there are in the screen at that point because i might be slowly going crazy
  5. nah you're fine i get where you're coming from and i think i've done the exact thing as you said before anyways LOL (demian...) and so i went into some sort of strange rant-y reflective mood... also same, even if i don't agree with someone else's theory/logic i'd never say it to their face that really spoils the fun since we're all free to see whatever we see :')
  6. ONLY BTS, OOOONNNNLY BTS. I REMEMBER BEING CONFUSED BECAUSE THIS WASN'T EVEN IN WINGS, like what was it even for??????? and asdaklfjkdlsjf i lovE THAT BEAT do you remember them being all sneaky talking about yoongi's then current but unreleased favourite song or something?? also sorry!! i took a blurry screenshot you can see it better here looks pretty flat, also strange colours at the sides... and i kind of failed at trying to read whatever it could be oh well and i don't know if this is common knowledge but i accidentally found the original painting of tae in jk's wings teaser bcos i was very interested in your art theory bits and tried to find something on monochrome art but instead found something from an artist i used to really like
  7. i agree with you wholeheartedly. ended up reading a lot of interpretations and analyses of the original short story on study sites yesterday lol... it was very enriching, i do try to first and foremost understand the original author's intentions and appreciate the work in itself before i attempt to link it to bts. also what kookieswithsuga said, we can then try to apply the symbolism derived from literature and creative works referenced and figure out the broader message that bts is conveying through their own work in turn. this is really something special that only bts' whole... huge MV-plot-universe thing has given me a chance to do. i am so happy to be exposed to all these works that i would have otherwise never found out about if not for these theories, you know?
  8. anyone know what this is? single frame caught on 0.25x, must be there for a reason AND I HOPE I'M NOT GETTING DELUSIONAL BUT 1) 2) 3) do you see the red words? and the other scribbles? i'm scared for some reason rn was suspicious that this trailer didn't have much we could theorize on so literally froze frame by frame and tried to see something in it orz
  9. WAIT SO THOSE ARE JIN'S SHOES??????? he was often barefooted in hyyh and damn im speechless i still think that was more representative of his internal struggles with depression, fame, identity (dignity as an idol rapper?) etc until he eventually broke free but i do respect that it plays a part in your theory so alright! just kinda hard for me to see what you see cos i've always treated the mixtapes as entirely non-bts projects but you're right there are recurring themes and all i shall think it over with my diminished thought capacity comebacks always shake me up so bad lol...
  10. "Maybe the ones who walk away from Omelas do so not because they are giving up on the moral quandary, but because they recognize that Omelas is a city of children. Maybe they are in search of the other side of the dialogue, the dialogue that truly WILL set the child free. Maybe they are trying to find out where the adults live." found this on enotes.com, but it seems to make sense. we can see bangtan as the ones leading the way in "setting the child free", or righting the wrongs. i feel like my theory's kinda off but by am i wrong logic, plus wings elements of resisting temptation yada yada and even that bit of DOPE lyrics (reject rejection, everyone follow me) we should reject/question/not just take or accept what's given to us (society & its inherent darkness, unjust, corruption) and walk the path we think is right. and somehow combine this with hyyh themes of growing up, of insecurity and stuff like that... i feel like i'm getting sidetracked by this societal construct thing too much but this short story is really very heavy on ethics and somewhat political, less on personal growth & devt (which makes me think there'll be another mv!!). also there was the unofficial speculation that ynwa just might be connected to the sewol ferry tragedy (i know it's not and we shouldn't talk about it but i can't help but think of it welp). also i watched the theory vid linked earlier in this thread, did anyone manage to catch the previous controversial version that the creator took down? i was mindblown and i just want to know so bad now. and personally i don't think we should bring yoongi's mixtape into our theories, he's made it quite clear it is his own work ("not as suga of bts") but damn the amount of references and all you've found i'm super intrigued, this horror element's really added an additional layer to the already packed storyline