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  1. I follow quite a few rookie groups so seeing so many of them talk about BTS members being their role models is so amazing, just like how BTS looked up to groups like Bigbang, these groups do the same. So cute.
  2. Cr: @nvrwlkln LOVE YOURSELF TOUR SETLIST [OPENING VCR] 1. IDOL [OPENING MENT] 2. SAVE ME 3. I'M FINE [MENT] 4. MAGIC SHOP [VCR] 5. TRIVIA: JUST DANCE 6. EUPHORIA 7. I NEED U 8. RUN [VCR] 9. SERENDIPITY 10. TRIVIA: LOVE 11. DNA [MENT] MEDLEY: 12. 21st CENTURY GIRL 13. GOGO 14. BS&T 15. BOY IN LUV 16. DANGER END MEDLEY 17. AIRPLANE PT.2 [TAE VCR] 18. SINGULARITY 19. FAKE LOVE [YOON + JIN VCR] 20. TRIVIA: SEESAW 21. EPIPHANY 22. TRUTH UNTOLD 23. OUTRO TEAR 24. MIC DROP ENCORE [VCR] 25. SO WHAT 26. ANPANMAN [ENDING MENT] 27. ANSWER: LOVE MYSELF edit: The throwback medley was changed for the second day of the Seoul concerts so I'm not sure how it will be for the rest of the tour, I guess everyone is in for a surprise! Alternate medley: 12. BOYZ WITH FUN 13. ATTACK ON BANGTAN 14. FIRE 15. SILVER SPOON/BAEPSAE 16. DOPE wow they really are treating us well
  3. I love this thread! I honestly feel like rapline showed off their vocals in Outro: Tear from 3:58 - 4:10 Suga's singing sounded really good, and I think it would've sounded even better w/o the autotune from 3:18 - 3:28 Life and voice are some of the best for RM's vocals imo, (not to mention the tracks are absolute gems) Suga sounds really really good singing on Seesaw on the new album! J-Hope honestly could be a vocal position in the group. He really can do it all. There are a lot more moments than these that I just can't remember lol. From like 4:00 on in this perf he has some really nice vocal moments. I remember watching the DVD with my sister for the first time and we were both so shook. Also in this vid, even tho he acts goofy at some parts: edit: I forgot one really good one for RM and Hobi is Path at like 5:11 for hope and 6:06 for RM
  4. Yoongi singing in Seesaw is the reason I breathe.
  5. My first thought after watching the mv was "wow this must be what drugs feels like" Hahah it's like Not Today and Fire had a baby and Ddaeng is the distant cousin To be completely honest I wish more of the song was like the part in the teaser, but ay I'm sure it'll grow on me. It really looks like they had fun filming the mv and I think this is a great send off of the LY Era.
  6. I have a few choice things to say I'm sorry but when did everything become about views? I get that's important to support the boys, but calling people fake for not streaming and what not is ridiculous, and of course ARMY has streaming goals and that's great, but there's also a point where you really just need to sit down and appreciate the music. Continuing on with the streaming topic. I saw the whole exo and bts streaming party on twitter AND I WAS SO EXCITED BC I WAS LIKE WOW FINALLY EVERYONE IS SUPPORTING EACH OTHER. But I clicked on it and it was just filled with a lot of hate, which made me feel very sad. I wish fandoms would support and respect each other like the boys of both groups themselves do. A lot of them are friends too, don't forget. Being multifandom does not mean you are a fake ARMY. It's just facts sry. For me personally, there are too many lovable groups out there for me to only stan one, and if you only stan one that's totally ok, but don't bring down others for supporting other groups as well. Who do I believe are not true ARMYS? Solo stans. Shipping the members is ok when it's not crossing the line. I think when it's as a friendship it's ok. This isn't just BTS but kpop fandoms in general. Cause for a lot of groups they're like brothers/sisters so it would be weird for them to see such things ya know. And I get that sometimes it's in a joking way, but I feel like members can't even look at each other in an adoring way without people saying they're in love, or saying something related to shipping. And believe me I've seen some very suggestive things that I believe should not exist, and they make me uncomfortable, so I can't imagine how it would make the boys feel. I just wish people would know their boundaries. Ok only 1 more I swear, I saw this video on Instagram of this rookie group trying to promote themselves on the streets and they were handing out flyers (ring a bell? ) Anyways they passed out a flyer to a person and she said something along the lines of "oh you're not BTS, I only like BTS ladadadada" and handed the flyer back, and the group looked so defeated which made me very sad. Anyways I just wish ARMYS new and old would remember the struggle BTS had to go through to achieve the level of popularity they are at, and that there are other groups working very hard just like BTS so let's try not to bring them down <3 phew
  7. Sorry for the promo, but don't forget to vote for your fave awards for LY: Answer mostly because I need a tiebreaker
  8. I'll have to ask AJ about that, sorry!
  9. Hi! I apologize for only seeing this now, but were you meaning pictures along the lines of this:
  10. bighit loves catching us all by surprise but this mv and song is going to be so good i'm so hypedddd now
  11. ohohohohohoo this instrumental, the design
  12. I just got my school schedule and I am already so nervous and I legit haven't even started my summer assignment and it's due NEXT WEEK 




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