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  1. The girl just got a taste of her own medicine. It's Kim Taehyung, for him to have to take such measures as those he must've been pretty ticked off, and I would be too if I had people shoving their cameras in my face and invading my personal space bubble. I have no problem with what he did, it's not like he physically harmed her, on top of that it was in selfie mode so she's not at risk. BTS are human, they have their breaking points, their limits, and their own need for personal space. When people such as the ones at the aiport violate it so much and push it so far, I understand the boys being extremely stressed and frustrated over it. I never want to see something happen like this again, and I hope people can begin to control themselves and simply have common decency and respect. These are idols we love so much and they give so much to their fans, there is no reason to treat them so poorly.
  2. the fanwars and all the nasty things said bcs of this made me want to cry, neither group deserved some of the things that were said but nonetheless, I'm glad that both get to be played!
  3. *doesn't remember number at all*
  4. ahhh I'm so nervous I won't be able to get tickets. I remember trying to get got7 tickets and the website crashed and by the time it reloaded all of the tickets were gone I would recommend having multiple people with different devices try to get tickets, so that if one fails you still have two backups or something!
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    heyo! I hope you have a nice day!

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      Thank you, you lil cinnamon roll. I hope your day is great <3


  6. I need to start posting more in these threads oops But anyways, I've had jungkook's holy night cover on repeat since it's came out, and I probably will for the rest of the year, and I'm not even Christian, but it's just tooooo beautiful. also welcome to the forum @OnlyForJk the whole monologue thing is so true, it sucks when you wanna talk about things but no one replies ;-; but ay that shouldn't happen here! Ahhh right, he finally posted and melts our hearts, a sweetie pie.
  7. ahhh girl i gave up on picking a bias and just dedicated myself to the OT7 life. I totally understand your struggle, it's like impossible to pick because they all have their own great individual qualities. I get the whole having one bias because it's so much easier (especially when it comes to forums) and you can dedicate myself to them more, but nothing wrong with stanning all 3, just gotta learn to work with it.
  8. i love this Lol I want them to collab with EXO so that fanwars will stop
  9. don't let anyone ever steal your beautiful smile <3 thank you for bringing such joy to the lives of ARMY Of course all the members have the most beautiful smiles that make trees grow and babies stop crying, but since it's Tae Day imma just shower ya'll with his gorgeous smile. calm, serene, peaceful, fluffy closed-mouth smile tae the one where his eyes become crescents and his boxy white smile shines and ofc the soft smiles he that makes that make everyones heart melt <3 add your fave tae smiles below !!
  10. Aha how could I forget that one. Perv Tae is iconic
  11. ahhhhh finally our precious tae's birthday <3 ^ just the best tae meme faces Our talented and kind V is finally 22 (23) !!! The owner of the most beautiful smile and heart <3! TO THE BIGGEST GOOFBALL ANGEL CINNAMON ROLL HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kim Taehyung is a man that makes the world a better place, and he cares so much for his family, friends, colleagues, and fans. Really his heart is so warm and giving, and he just radiates light. Don't even get me started with that voice, IT'S JUST OOOO SO DEEP AND B E A U T I F U L wowowowwow, and rapper Tae is iconic #TAE4RAPLINE. The boy's got style and taste mhmhm. His goofy dances and cute gestures are the reason I live tbh. He's faced many hardships these past few years but has continued to come back stronger. His outlook and open-mindedness is an amazing reflection of his character, and is very admirable. Our talented V who can sing, rap, host, model, dance, produce, or WHATEVER HE PUTS HIS MIND TO!!!!!!!!!! ARMY loves you <3