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my watch has ended

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  1. Well the event has ended rn. But we might have it again later someday~
  2. Technically you were supposed to say "I'm joining the giveaway" I'm this thread. In order to reach your given postcount you could have tried answering to other threads. .like "Which is your favorite song in the new album?"etc etc..... Or in artist threads post new pictures of you bias or talk about why you like them, game threads and many other things.... Giveaway is all about a give and a take, you want the album, and bbase wants some new active armies around, so all they ask is to spread the word, so more people know that bbase exists and if the right people find it, it will grow the community.(as an all army community they do events, projects and giveaways often during BTS related events) You can still give it a go I think, but rather than focusing on the forum per se, try spreading the word out using twitter, facebook, instagram or other SNS sites..... Also if you ask the people who join because of you to drop in your name, it will add as a plus point because they will know you brought them. That's all I can tell about how most forum giveaways in different forums work.So if you are trying again, good luck to you.
  3. It's seems like a good idea, at the end of a day there is nothing to lose but only to gain. I suggest people trying to "reach 10 posts", if they are having trouble doing that ..they can refer to the Ice Breaker Thread as the OP has framed some good questions it'd be easier to go ahead answer them lol
  4. I'm not surprised but RM truly stood out I must say, he was taller than the rest, had sunglasses on, and experimental hair...so I guess he was easier to recognize
  5. Woah ~ Fighting for the fifty million milestone guys~ We can do it!
  6. If you are ready to trade your fears in the magic shop then click here~
  7. just here to drop by and tell Our adorable little boy has grown up beautifully into this mature, charismatic and sexy man...... His voice has gone deeper, his shoulder's have become broader, he went from self customised cut clothes to wearing expensive fashion brands, he went from from that one boy who's smile, adorable acts and innocence gave us life to a mature man who's genuinely wants to make his stans proud by improving in everything at a steady pace. All of us can't help but notice how much hardwork he put into his metamorphosis.... We guys have always rooted for him. so feeling really proud rn......I hope as army's we also do our part and dont disappoint our boys after they have worked so head...that's all
  8. Well.....there are a few things that need to be taken into account when online shopping fan made products-- 1.) Army or not.....you never know unless you have either read reviews for the same product or have seen someone buy the same product in proper condition, it's pretty easy to get cheated out there you know..... 2.)Unofficial BTS goodies aren't exactly legal as - for anyone to sell a fanwork they need the consent of the artist's themselves ....but when an artist "give's their consent" they also vouch for the quality of the goods......so.......big brand names wouldn't really give consent that easily.....and when you are buying stuff that's in the gray......you are kinda doing it at your own risk.......though I do think ethically speaking that person who sold you the merch definitely falsly advertized his/her goods.....so I think they should've been more honest with the pictures....... 3.)try either buying official goods or goods from reputed sellers with good review, that's all you can do as a customer to avoid getting cheated :...though it's not really easy to not get cheated.....
  9. Every member just looks so damn good I can't take my eyes off the pictures.... Highly anticipating version Y & U