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  1. Special Shoutout to Isabel_Inspired:

    We have all missed you so much. 💘🎉:celebrate::jhope3:

    So happy your back!❤🤗🦋





    1. Isabel_Inspired


      @BTS_ArmyTaeTae<3 Awe thank you so much sweetie!:jungkook9:

  2. So I don't know if anyone even realized I was gone but

    I'm back!

     I've have been super inactive lately but I am glad to be back on here^^ :jin1:

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      Welcome back! :wave:

    2. Isabel_Inspired
    3. I. Am. Jimin's

      I. Am. Jimin's

      Glad you're back, too! <3

  3. Yes the drama and fanwars were crazy. This actually my first my first experience of big and intense fanwars like that. I did not at all participate but it was really sad to watch go on. I actually saw a few people trying to trend hashtags that would unite the two fandoms. Honestly I felt really bad when we lost. I later found out that I may have gotten some misinformation, and what I was thinking happened may have not. I decided to stay out of everything that was going on. I thought it was just a rumor but I am happy that both will be played!!
  4. Hmm that's tough... Can I say Singularity? Do you like to binge-watch shows or movies?
  5. We are not supposed to post the answer here, right?
  6. His voice sounds slightly rough, (I love that) in such a beautiful way~ does this mean Jin is getting the attention he so greatly deserves!? I hope so i'm so happy, I'm not crying you are
  7. Why have I never replied to this thread? Using my imagination this is right up my alley... Hmm so I would say I have quite a number of situations in my head so I'm just gonna share them all because being in same room or even chatting with my bias or any other member would be amazing in itself it doesn't really matter what we do. Plus I have three biases so why not one for all of them? That is allowed right? Okay I feel like this is going to be long already.. Scenario 1. W/ Namjoon Scenario 2. W/ Yoongi Scenario 3. W/ Taehyung I feel like all of these scenarios end up with watching something + chatting I have no idea why.. To quote this, I feel the same way Or chat..
  8. Fries _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Fast food
  9. I laughed too hard when I read this. . I recognized RM first thing but for some reason I kept getting confused between V and Jungkook.
  10. I've never done this before but I would definitely be interested!!
  11. Same I love it so much. Ikr that part was slightly frightening lol I woke up and I was like who told them they could just drop this on us???! The extra clips had me sooooooo shook. I feel like there are so many more questions. I'm still loving this dark concept