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  1. I saw this pop up on spotify and I thought it was fake.. wow I never saw this coming. I'm super surprised
  2. You slowly open your eyes unsure of where you are
  3. I'm super excited to listen to the full song! I am aware that some people may not like this concept/song as much as others they've done, but personally I'm super interested. I completely respect that, everyone has an opinion and it's definitely something different (beat, sound etc). Since the are instruments in the background sound very traditional, I hope this will be a great opportunity to introduce people into more traditional sounds/Korean culture. If that's what they want to do I think that's really amazing! I feel like BTS can really bring those sounds to life in a modern way. The clothing to me looked absolutely beautiful! I can definitely see how some people say it's like Ddaeng and DNA had a baby
  4. I'm interested to see what the other concept photos will be. I was super surprised when I saw these photos but at the same time really excited. I think some may see these and immediately think they're creepy but I feel like they hold a lot of emotion. I completely agree with @Maphisto40.. I have seen some theories that say the album going to be a "controversial" I'm not sure exactly what that may mean but I'm ready. I definitely see the idol life in these concept photos. Some people may think just because you're famous, wear nice clothing, and everyone knows your name life's pretty perfect. But of course we've seen many times, though Burn The Stage and other shows everything's not as perfect as it looks. The airport videos break my heart I can't stand to see people grabbing at them and giving them zero personal space. I can't help but wonder how much they hide from us when they have to fake a smile for a show even though they're exhausted. The pressure must also be enormous as they keep growing in popularity. Anyway those are just my thoughts I leave the theories up to smart people. This vkook edit is so precious and I just had to share
  5. Special Shoutout to Isabel_Inspired:

    We have all missed you so much. 💘🎉:celebrate::jhope3:

    So happy your back!❤🤗🦋





  6. So I don't know if anyone even realized I was gone but

    I'm back!

     I've have been super inactive lately but I am glad to be back on here^^ :jin1:

  7. Yes the drama and fanwars were crazy. This actually my first my first experience of big and intense fanwars like that. I did not at all participate but it was really sad to watch go on. I actually saw a few people trying to trend hashtags that would unite the two fandoms. Honestly I felt really bad when we lost. I later found out that I may have gotten some misinformation, and what I was thinking happened may have not. I decided to stay out of everything that was going on. I thought it was just a rumor but I am happy that both will be played!!
  8. Hmm that's tough... Can I say Singularity? Do you like to binge-watch shows or movies?