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  1. Jin's voice is one of my fave in the whole world, it's just so...relaxing and full of emotions somehow? I lack words to describe it Anyway, this cover is a gem. Gonna listen to it on repeat
  2. While i could distinguish them from each other, it took me a week to match correctly name and face (for some reason, i kept thinking Jimin was the one named Suga..and that Suga had to be from the vocal line and have a cute voice. When i actually realized he was a rapper and what rapper i was surprised, let's say that) But Namjoon? 2 minutes. His dimples were the reason actually, and i ended up always seeing him first in every pic of the group
  3. ...wait, i. i might have gotten a ticket. For Berlin. I.. Omg. 

    Half of my soul left my body, the other half is desperate 'cause i still need another ticket for my Babe, the greatest good i'll ever meet so i either give her mine and send her alone - but she wouldn't want to go by herself - or i...really need to fight for another one

  4. well, of course no tickets for me
    Though i'm made, because i was paying for them. I had the payment started. And site ad a problem. And now nothing. 
    oh well, i could have expected that

  5. I've been so so stressed lately and yet i've been doing nothing of what i should have done - like studying my butt off 

    And yet i can't even breath. I really can't


    1. namjoon.exe


      I feel like we are all going through this rn. We're always here! Take a deep breath jimin9:

    2. GoldenxCloud


      Thank you t.t :jin1:

    3. namjoon.exe


      Np (●ω●)

  6. No, definitely not ready. Not at all
  7. I had mixed feelings on my first listening - I wasn't too sure if i actually liked it. It might have been 'cause it was like 1 am and i was getting out of work tbh, i was more asleep than anything and also, i tend to not be trusty of new things Actually listened to it again and i'm LOVING IT I don't think it'll be the absolute favorite in my case - I'm not too sure i have a fave from them, but wings, dark and wild and the most beautiful moments in life might come clsoe to that BUT STILL IT' S AMAZING Airplane pt.2 killed me as it makes me wanna actually dance like, unheard of I think singularity might be one of my fave songs though And the outro. Oh gosh the outro. But i'm really enjoying the different vibe each song has, i'm...Really amazed tbh.
  8. I will never be over this. Never. Ever.
  9. I'm not sure i'll be able to survive at this point
  10. I wasn't ready First of all, Tae's voice is just one of the most divine in this world and it makes me tear up This song is...My god, i have no words, i just adore it. The rhythm, his voice, the lyrics, everything And THE WAY HE DANCES I don't think i'll ever be over this choreo, honestly THAT FOOTWORK That everything I need to paint this
  11. I'm honestly impressed From the way he filmed, to the scene he chose, to the editing, everything, just... Wow
  12. Taehyung's singing makes me cry
    It's just...so beautiful

  13. A potato - me - really wants to learn BTS dances
    Said potato not only has never danced in their life and has no sense of rhythm but it's really really shy and feels stupid whenever they try to do something
    Someone has any tips? 

    1. namjoon.exe


      We're all there at one point. definitely, don't stress yourself with those intense dances. Try something like As If It's Your Last, HeartShaker, or TT. :) 

    2. namjoon.exe


      Just realized I mentioned all the dances that aren't BTS lol.

    3. GoldenxCloud


      ahah don't worry, it's still really appreciated!!!!


  14. Sooo.....Guess who's going to try to get tickets, fly to whatever country in Europe they could get the ticket for..? yeah, that's right, it's me I'm kinda scared about the pricing, but this year has been hell since the start and it's going to be worse...And I want to at least try and make this real! I'm too excited though, they are finally coming in europe!!!