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  1. they went so hard in these performances. omg. i am so proud of them. i loved the vcrs too. also, while i loved seeing them on American tv, it's so nice to have them back on the shows where the sets are elaborate and fancy and just add to the performance.
  2. JIMIN'S SOLO SHOT. HE LOOKS SO YOUNG. OMG. he's adorable and i'm dying.
  3. omg. they were so good on Ellen. my voice was like 7 octaves higher than normal as i fangirled over the fact that they were on my actual tv on actual cable. i was so in love in that moment. also has there been any recent closeups of Kookie's ears/face?
  4. okay, what is a Helix? because i'm only seing the cartilage piercings? but maybe i just never realized they have a name. also, is it me or has Jungkook let his gauges go smaller? they seemed like they were decent sized at one point but now he seems to be wearing smaller ones again. i love piercings. i think they're amazing. i myself have a cartilage, an industrial (i haven't worn anything in it in a while but i want to open them back up. just need to find some decent little studs) my tragus and one basic set of holes. i also have my tounge webbing done and had my lip done for over five years and hope to reget it one day.
  5. my personal fave: i think Jungkook had and still has a lot of potential as a rapper. I think that when he eventually does some solo stuff he'll be able to use those skills to his advantage as well to change things up a bit. I've always been under the assumption (as a fan from 2015), judging by the amount of parts he had in earlier songs versus now that he was a part of rapline at first. he was good, no reason not to use him. but then HE wanted to focus more on vocals and it was his choice to move away from the rap. i think bts works better with 3 rappers instead of 4 because it gives the others more time to shine but then that argument could be made six different ways about how numbers work. The fact of the matter is that rapper jungkook is a blessing and i hope we get a comeback at some point. i don't need him to do a verse on every song but throw him on a cypher or something.
  6. this reaction was far too much for me. they seemed so into it in a way i hadn't seen on previous videos. it was so cute. i don't even know what they're saying yet and i still felt the excited vibes through my computer screen. Jungkook really looked at times like he was analyzing the actual editing of the video and how things were timed with moments in the song. i hope that when a translation comes this is the case and i hope that it means maybe he will help make a future MV because that would be SOOOO COOL. i love that maknae line + jhope had to stick around and discuss it again and then even take pictures of silly pause moments. OMG. they're just like us. lol. also, they all look really good and i just really love how much they seem to be enjoying this release so I really hope that it does well and fulfills their hopes and dreams for it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQsyxzOCuWA&feature=push-u&attr_tag=KrFtNzRLQ9-0xYFv-6
  7. I LOVE YOU TWO. please excuse me for a moment while i bask in the positivity. anyhow back to the song. i'm still sitting with it and giving it a few listens on Google Play to do my part. I do find that I've already fallen in love with the English chorus and like that the Desiigner audio has that bit. As for the rap, i'll probably never love it. I too am from the US but have only ever enjoyed "dirty" rap as i call it. this teeny selection includes Candy Shop, Lollipop and Usher's Yeah. So basically, I really like rap if it's about raunchy dirty sex. So classy I know. I didn't truly find any appreciation for the art until I came across kpop and while i dabbled at big bang a little bit, until BTS and Yoongi, it just wasn't my scene. Even now, I prefer Yoongi's mixtape over Namjoon's because I like his style and what he does with his voice. As Jay said, there are lots of versions of Mic Drop to make everyone happy. I like some strange cross of the original and the MV the best. I won't turn off my radio if the Desiigner track comes on (hell, i'll probably turn it up and take my turn to request it) but i don't think it's joining my best of rotation. I still can't get over what a well done crossover it turned out to be. Up until now I thought Wonder Girls had done pretty alright with Like Money but it was still a far cry from being great even with Akon on the track. BTS has actually done the damn thing and done it right. They did it on their terms and when they wanted to which i think is making all the difference.
  8. i think that the song lost something when they took away all the Korean. also, I don't understand a thing desiigner is saying without subtitles except the applesauce bit. i feel like i'm in such a minority here but i'm wondering if ARMY really are enjoying this version or if they're just hyping it/listening/buying to support our boys. i know that's why i've played it on google play multiple times but once it drops out of whatever charts i'll probably never listen to it again. now, i know this thread is for the audio with desiigner but i think that just the remix version of the MV is amazing. it's a great blend of all their talents. having the chorus in english appeals to the audience they're trying to reach, but it still gives Suga/Jhope a chance to shine. I don't mind Monie in english as much because he's already proven with the Wale collab that he could do it. this version just feels like it's pandering to those people who want all English music from BTS and it's not what I wanted at all. Now, I will give them this. it is the best English song that I've ever heard from a kpop group. By miles. It's produced right and translated well to carry the meaning. It's just not my cup of tea. I'm sorry to say all this but I really needed to share. I feel like a bad ARMY and I don't know what to do. Usuaully I warm up to stuff they release that I don't like. Spring Day used to be a song i very much disliked and now it's a really soothing song for me. I don't see this being anything i enjoy. i think maybe it also stems from my aversion to rap. i dislike rap music so don't ask me why i like it better in Korean. lol. there's probably something to understand there but i don't know what. i shared here because I'm hoping you guys don't hate me for having an unpopular opinion. tldr; the song is well done. it has potential. it's not my cup of tea but i want to support the boys in their dreams so i'll stream it for a bit.
  9. This MV was sooooo good. I really enjoyed everything about it. The dance, the transitions the songg!! My sister even watched it with me and said that Jin was cute (Mr. Worldwide Handsome does it again) I really like how they incorperated English into the chorus and Namjoon's rap and left Hobi and Suga and the end in Korean. I think that it was a really good choice. I would have preferred Joonie's rap to stay in Korean but I understand why they changed it and he's comfortable enough in the language that it works. I can't wait to see what happens with this song/video. I think it's going to be big.
  10. well. i have just been made aware that i need to read me some JinHope fics...hmmm...
  11. that article was absolute terrific. it didn't pander to fans and it didn't feel biased. i think it hit the nail on the head to in regards to what they need to do to break into the US market. YAY. they're going to be on DCRNYE. more chances for me to bombard my family with them. lol.
  12. now i know where i must have picked up the hands thing from. omg. i take selfies and i'm like, where can i stick my hand to look artsy? lol. thanks for pointing this out.
  13. we are so spoiled that he shares his glorious vocals with us. I love them all an inordinate amount but i still always drift back to that Vlive with him and Tae where he does Dear No One. I would do horrible things for a full proper cover of that.
  14. although this is really a fun performance and not an actualy practice of any kind, it is really neat to see how they still manage to make the dance look decent and stuff even in some of those bulky ass costumes.
  15. i really love Kookie's gauges a lot. i think it's really adorable that he has them.