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  1. omg. they were so good on Ellen. my voice was like 7 octaves higher than normal as i fangirled over the fact that they were on my actual tv on actual cable. i was so in love in that moment. also has there been any recent closeups of Kookie's ears/face?
  2. okay, what is a Helix? because i'm only seing the cartilage piercings? but maybe i just never realized they have a name. also, is it me or has Jungkook let his gauges go smaller? they seemed like they were decent sized at one point but now he seems to be wearing smaller ones again. i love piercings. i think they're amazing. i myself have a cartilage, an industrial (i haven't worn anything in it in a while but i want to open them back up. just need to find some decent little studs) my tragus and one basic set of holes. i also have my tounge webbing done and had my lip done for over five years and hope to reget it one day.
  3. well. i have just been made aware that i need to read me some JinHope fics...hmmm...
  4. that article was absolute terrific. it didn't pander to fans and it didn't feel biased. i think it hit the nail on the head to in regards to what they need to do to break into the US market. YAY. they're going to be on DCRNYE. more chances for me to bombard my family with them. lol.
  5. we are so spoiled that he shares his glorious vocals with us. I love them all an inordinate amount but i still always drift back to that Vlive with him and Tae where he does Dear No One. I would do horrible things for a full proper cover of that.
  6. i really love Kookie's gauges a lot. i think it's really adorable that he has them.