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  1. It took me around two days, but maybe that's just because I'm Asian myself and have had plenty of experience telling apart family members. Sometimes it takes me a few seconds, but otherwise, I can definitely tell them apart.
  2. okay a bit off topic but i was going back through this thread and holy crap, we went from little sentences to essays to little sentences again but all jokes aside, man, all of you are talented-
  3. Hobi, since we'd both be scared to death. I need someone to bond with my fear of extreme sports. Which member would you want to be your best friend?
  4. I'm here to revive this although Outcast ended...I still have so many questions about the ending. Tae mentioned that all of Bangtan were once trapped a house with in deadly (?) circumstances as part of a "game." Yoongi apparently saved everyone and himself, sans Taehyung and Seokjin. From what the end says, Taehyung took over the game and changed some aspects of it, then asked Jin to forge five stars recommend it to the rest of Bangtan. I think I got some of the points wrong (it's been a while since I've read it), but yeah. Everyone's pointing out details and creating such deep theories...and then there's me
  5. I think there was a part of "Seesaw" where Yoongi really sang...there's also Namjoon and JK's cover of "Fools" that has Joon singing. You can hear Hobi sing some parts in "Spring Day" with the vocal line.