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  1. Kim Seokjin. Definitely. Listen, this boy is funny, talented, sweet, and the full package. He can be quiet and serious, but he also has this playful and endearing side to him. He can cook very well and is literally a genius. And as a side bonus, he can sing well and is attractive. Jin just...I don't know what to say but he's amazing. Go to the amusement park with Jimin and Taehyung or stay at home an binge movies or Netflix series with Yoongi and Jungkook?
  2. Happy belated birthday, Jimin! I wasn't online to wish him a birthday, sadly. But our mochi is now (internationally) 24!


    1. <3Queen_Lisa_Manoban<3


      I wasn't on for his birthday either. Happy Late Birthday Jimin!!! We love youu! 


  3. I'm going to miss him when he enlists. But all of BTS has to do it eventually, and I know they can handle it. Like they once said, they're not afraid. They've accepted it. They genuinely care about their country. We'll wait for them, as long as they need us to. Even if it breaks our hearts.
  4. Ahh! I forgot to say it on here! Happy belated birthday to our mochi!
  5. They realize that there's nothing worth stealing but my refrigerator. So they take it and leave but not before I run into the garage and grab my dad's shovel. They aren't scared and attack me. I'm dead. What if you suddenly have ten projects due the next day?
  6. I'm super sure that it's going to be MOTS: Shadow this time. I mean, if you really look into it, that's part of the psychology map of the soul theory...does that mean we get the dark concept back? Like with LY: Tear again?
  7. freak out. then i wake up and realize it was a dream :'D What if you never discovered BTS?
  8. ooh, i'm really loving the new halloween theme! :0

  9. I'm trying to get my ARMY friend to try out and make an account on BBase. I'm promoting us.


    Wish me luck!

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    2. Tae's Queen

      Tae's Queen

      I wish you best of luck...!

    3. <3Queen_Lisa_Manoban<3


      Wait do you ARMY Amino???

    4. jamless jungshook

      jamless jungshook

      @ EricaRosemary  Don't worry, I know the refernce lol

      @ Cutie pie  Thank you!!

      @ <3Queen_Lisa_Manoban<3  I do use Amino (and I get a ton of notifications for the ARMY one) but it doesn't work well with my iPad, so I rarely go on it, and never more than a few minutes. ^^

  10. Would you rather make Christmas dinner with Jin or celebrate your birthday with Namjoon?
  11. Ask them what happens in the afterlife. What if you switched bodies with your bias?
  12. Bold of you to assume I have money *cries in broke* What if you turned into the opposite gender?
  13. live my new life as a guy i was waiting to make that joke and spend time around jimin and try to build a good friendship between us What if you were Namjoon's future child?
  14. What if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go first?