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jamless jungshook


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— ❝ Forever, we are young. Even when I fall and hurt myself, I keep running toward my dream... ❞ —


Hi! I'm Christine, an ARMY since early 2018. My bias is Jin, but we're all OT7 inside, right? I love listening to music, and I play violin and once played piano – although I forgot how to do the latter. I also like creating things like quizzes and fanfics, most of which I'll share on here. I have several fanfiction/media accounts, such as these two. I'm certified k-pop trash and anime laundry and I live in the oven that is Texas.

My bias group is BTS, but I also casually listen to or stan these artists: KARD, Stray Kids, Momoland, TWICE, EVERGLOW, Sunmi, TXT, Red Velvet, and a few more!