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jamless jungshook


Everything posted by jamless jungshook

  1. I hope they didn't take it too personally, but I know that they're such hard workers - they're going to take this as a cue to keep working harder, because they think the audience is saying they're not good enough (when they are more than good enough!). I don't want them to push themselves so much that it might hurt them. I hope they're okay... We should also trend more ARMY hashtags, so we can show our support at the same time and not just because some "fans" were a little...inconsiderate for lack of a better word.
  2. let's be honest, one of the best misheard lyrics is "alright, she took the cheesecake." admit it.

  3. I'm halfway done with my first fanfic/one shot on here. ohhh boy

  4. My acting skills are better than my dancing skills for sure. I choose Jin, but I'd get super shy. Let's hope that doesn't happen- Have Yoongi know everything you've ever said about him or have him see every fangirl moment you've ever had? i'm sorry for the embarrassing questions but i can't think of anything else TT
  5. Study buddies with Namjoon. Taetae would be so crazy on that shared account and would probably mess around so much, I wouldn't want to pepper his account with my useless stuff lol. let the boy have his fun, plus namjoon is really smart- If you got lost in a foreign country, would you rather have the Kim line or rap line help you out?
  6. JinMin (have you seen their lips because wow) Bow
  7. Coke with Taetae. I love beaches and I would be way too tired to climb/hike a mountain lol Have Jungkookie confess love to you or confess love to Jimin?
  8. Tae is a major bias wrecker but Jimin is just as much of a wrecker as he is. Plus I like hot chocolate and I have a feeling Chimchim is gonna be super warm. I'll go with Jimin. Hold hands with Hobi everytime you're in public or always have you and Jin be mistaken as a couple?
  9. that jin scenario lowkey sounds like me although i'm too broke to afford posters Hobi. I'm too awkward otherwise haha, I do actually have a playlist of BTS choreo that I occasionally try to dance to. One of my nieces (older than me somehow??) and I once did this half-hour Kpop dance challenge and we did okay. I have even more respect for idols that dance a lot, it's tough. But yeah I choose Hobi. ^^ Have Yoongi preview song lyrics that you were forced to write or have Jungkook see you in a Kumamon costume?
  10. Joon be the music teacher. I can't exercise to save my life and I have only ever done 0.3 pushups lol Girl group dancing with the dance line or help the visual line with a photoshoot?