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Everything posted by IJ-hopeYouHaveAGoodDay

  1. 7, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, 2013 RDMAs (not sure if that counts), BTS Wings Tour, One Direction, Lindsey Stirling, and Exo. I've got issues with going to concerts and such. How many people do you know that are ARMYs?
  2. #978-There was a flash mob in the city center that my friends and I performed, we did GoGo and made everyone laugh and feel good
  3. You sigh, wondering where he is putting all this food.
  4. I saw Not Today first. The dancing and beat really got me into it, and I found myself obsessed with them. I may not have been an ARMY since debut, but they still stole my heart.
  5. Call it what you will, but Dark'n'Wild will always have a special place in my heart. tbh I'd kill to see Jungkook in that sweater again hot damn-
  6. Trust me, you're nowhere near the only person that still plays. Also, there's a double xp event right now, leveling up is really easy now!
  7. Every Cypher ever. There's not one where he didn't slay. From his steady rhythm in Pt. 4, to his Because of who? intro in Pt. 2, every single time he is amazing!
  8. Personally, Jump from Skool Luv Affair, Am I Wrong from Wings, Attack on/Rise of Bangtan from O!RUL82?, Intro: What Am I To You? from Dark&Wild, and So What from Love Yourself: Tear are my favorite underrated songs. Any song that isn't a title track to me is better than the title tracks, because title tracks, no matter the artist, always seem overplayed.