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  1. um, THANK FUCKING GOD for that correction! I was just going to go off on how Joonie is a WAY better president than Trump, and he hasn't even run yet! lol
  2. (J-)Hopefully I'll get to go to the Chicago one!!! I asked my dad, and he usually follows through on ticket requests, so...!!!
  3. J-Hope. Hobi. Jung Ho-Seok. What can I say? You're sweet, talented, you can rap, you have have a bubbly personality...also your mixtape! Daydream is constantly stuck in my head, and I love it! I wish I could put more like Summer and LY did, but I'm not very good at expression myself. lol Happy 25th!
  4. why is he so Worldwide Handsome??? I can't EVEN with him!
  5. @smolsoftyoongi I got a question. What did you mean by "how will their disbandment affect you"? Are you saying they're breaking up soon??? GIRL, YOU BETTER NOT BE SAYING THAT BECAUSE IF YOU ARE...!!! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be sitting in the back corner of my room, clutching my Chimmy plushie and crying myself to sleep.
  6. ...Minute Meals (Rachael Ray's show) YouTube
  7. I'm fine, looking forward to my Kelly Clarkson concert next month! Are you doing anything for J-Hope's birthday?
  8. It's actually just Thank U Next, so I'll just do a song starting with T. The Tide - Niall Horan