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  1. Careful what you wish for there, Sam lol they might take like a five-year break...
  2. I know it's hard, but you need to just walk away from it, distract yourself with something happy. Besides, it's not just BTS and ARMY that get hated on--the Jonas Brothers have haters, Shawn Mendes has haters, Camila Cabello has haters...hell, I'll bet even the Beatles had haters!
  3. If by B-side you mean a non-single, definitely Serendipity or Euphoria! What's been your most memorable concert, besides BTS?
  4. Granted! But now you're carefree to the point of egotism. I wish my iPhone camera had a better zoom.
  5. 135 (assuming any number with a 4 in it gets skipped)
  6. I'd go back to 2010 and rescue One Direction from Simon Cowell, bc thanks to him they got burned out into "going on hiatus". What if...you got pregnant by a BYS member?
  7. Inseparable - Jonas Brothers (haha still got Wednesday night's concert on the brain)
  8. Hobi looks SO GOOD in this! (well, they all do, always! lol)