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  1. Awwwwwwwww it's okay! Take as much time as you need. We'll still be here!
  2. 1) Anytime somebody mentions traveling to SK, I'll be like "OMG say hi to BTS for me!" or "Did you meet BTS?!" lol Case in point: I go on a message board for name enthusiasts (and I can tell y'all that not only does Jin mean "gold", but Joon means "talented"!), and somebody on there mentioned going to SK, so I told her the above and she was like "No, but I was thinking of you when I went" UWUWUWUWUWUWU 2) I do everything in sevens: seven sips of water, I rub my hands together seven times when rinsing, etc. lol 3) I'll say "J-Hopefully" instead of just "hopefully". Unfortunately I haven't had much opportunity outside the internet, as my roommate doesn't like BTS (I mean, she doesn't hate them, but they're not her cup of tea), and my parents would just give me a confused look until I explain who J-Hope is and then roll their eyes. 4) My mind goes straight to BTS when I hear "teamwork makes the dream work".
  3. @movietvdrama I sent you and the rest of our team a PM regarding the contest!
  4. Well, Team Jin has a whopping FIVE members, including me! Y'all are going down!
  6. AJJJJJJJJJJJJJ our titles expire in like two weeks! Are you gonna do this, or did we talk you out of it? lol
  7. @Maphisto40 Hmm, now I'm curious...what WAS the purpose of your YouTube crawl in 2015 if it wasn't BTS? lol
  8. Thank you for a yummy breakfast (this video)! Can't wait for the English subs, though!
  9. I guess we can post dreams we've had here, too? The other night, I dreamed that Tae was helping me pick out clothes to wear. He had a very quirky sense of style in the dream and picked out a Hawaiian shirt, black skinny jeans, and a blue jean jacket! lol Cut to him inviting me to BTS' hotel. My housemate's cat's foster mom was driving (lol), and the GPS was actually talking to her, not just giving directions! She got really annoyed at one point and called a friend to vent...then I woke up.
  11. Jin looks like he's about to kiss me the camera! *smooches up*
  12. This round of perf's was my fave, too, especially Maelyn! I had to miss the finale, though, which meant I missed BTS, but I'll edit with my reactions after I watch it.