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  1. @sungel that video isn't available...
  2. Can y'all pray for my dad?  He's having surgery this morning for a deviated septum.  It's a fairly easy surgery, but I'd appreciate prayers anyway, just to be safe.

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    2. JinsPeachyGirl86


      Thanks, guys!  I just talked to him, and he's not feeling well, but that's just the pain meds talking.  The surgery went smooth as silk!

    3. Cypher•


      i'm happy everything went well 

    4. fan_95


      I'm very happy for you. God always be with your father

  3. Ooh, goodie! I'm always late to the party on those fan Q&A thingies, but not this time!!!
  4. So I made up a joke the other day... An alien came down and told me to take him to our leader, so I took him to a BTS concert to meet Namjoon.
  5. #966 - Did y'all see Ari's Instagram tribute to Mac Miller??? My heart is in my throat right now after reading it--she's the sweetest!