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  1. @Vii you're right, I DO feel attacked...in a good way, of course!
  2. "Who are your biggest influences?" "BTS" lol that had me ON THE FLOOR!
  3. Welcome to the forums, Iris! How long have you been an Army?
  4. Oh, wow! What a sneaky way to build their (already huge) fanbase! lol I wrote a fanfic like that once, about One Direction. The main character's school has a guest performer (One Direction), but they don't tell the students who it is until they get to the auditorium. lol
  5. Wow @Cypher• those last two posts were AMAZEBALLS!!! Poor Kookie not being able to do any choreo, though...
  6. @Maphisto40 Great! OMG did you see the tweet saying "I AM STERDAM"? lol
  7. #939 - I've been listening to Got7 lately; they're pretty good!
  8. OMG Jimin's back! Unless these are old pics...in which case, sorry I got my hopes up! lol
  9. @SeokSeok Ooh, nice! Did you make it yourself? Personally, I didn't--I just Google Imaged "Vampire Jin" and this is one of the hits I got. I oughta credit whoever made it, cuz I'm starting to feel bad. But yours is super-cute!
  10. Happy birthday, Jiminie-Cricket! (even though it's still the night of the 12th here lol)
  11. #941 - I hope BTS don't have to enlist. What will become of them if they do? :'(