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  1. I love Tomorrow from Skool Luv Affair. the lyrics are so i'm not sure if its underrated or whatever haha
  2. stay in bed and watch videos have you ever met a celebrity, if so, who?
  3. These are my opinions hehe the easiest: Gogo the hardest: DNA, especially the ending omg, idk how they do it! most iconic: not sure about this one, maybe Fire? your favorite: either Save Me or Airplane Pt 2
  4. I recently saw a video about the easiest vs hardest choreographies in diff kpop songs and I wanted to see your opinions on them! Which one do you think is... the easiest: the hardest: most iconic: your favorite:
  5. am i the only one that loves all of tae's outfits, and the second one of hoseok wasn't bad either. i love when they where clothes that are a little risky bc they make it vvv fashionable i love this thread though haha i constantly find myself looking at bts fashion
  6. G ♡ ♡

    game This or That

    windows sprite or panda express?
  7. blackpink How were you introduced to BTS?
  8. With all the bts craze going on, I decided I would watch one of their videos and get to know them. My goal for myself was to learn their names, faces, and personalities. After bingeing on their videos, I learned them after a day. I remember the second video I watched was "Proof Yoongi is Secretly Fluent in English". I immediately was in love with Yoongi's personality. Especially his pickup line "you know bts?" And that's how I fell into the hole
  9. Feel free to explain below! Mine was RM ofc, then Suga,,, tae and jungkook were the last for me
  10. Confess love to you ? J-Hope or Suga ? suga of course, I love jhope though,, my bias wrecker Have your picture drawn by Jimin or V sings your favorite song for you? vvvvvvvv Have a date with Jungkook, J-Hope or Rapmonster ? awww jungkook Be married to Jin and Army hates you or not have any relationship with him and be loved again ? be married to jin! Oversleep and miss important concert or oversleep and miss your date w/ your bias ? CONCERT I CANT MISS MY DATE WITH SUGA Mad at you for a week J-hope or Jimin ? i feel if j-hope is mad, then it must be really bad,, jimin for sure Take selcas w/ 6 members and ignore V or Suga ? i'm so sorry, i can't ignore suga, sorry taetae Meet your bias or meet everyone but not your bias? bias Be poor and love BTS or be extremely rich and forget everything about them? first one is my current situation i guess that haha Go to one of their concerts or a fan meeting? fan meeting, my dream is to just talk to them one day See your OTP get together or have BTS release a lot of mv's/ songs in one day? otp, namjim :)) Have a one sided love with Jungkook or RapMonster loves you more than you love them? rm See BTS with TWICE or SNSD ? snsd Go on a vacation with Jungkook while he is wearing a seagull costume or Suga while he is wearing a Kumamon costume ? sugasugasuga Sneak into concert and get caught or their dorm and get caught ? concert i dont want to be deemed a creep by them Have RapMonster or J-Hope comfort you when you are sad? j-hope would cheer me up so fast so j-hope Eat big meals with Jin or ride a horse with J-Hope ? eat a meal with jin If you were the 8th member would you have long hair , guy short, short, or mid way ? mid-way like suga Be friends with the Maknae-line (Jimin,V and Jungkook) or the Hyung-line (Jin, RM, Suga and J-Hope) ? omg i wanna choose hyung because of suga, but i would have so much fun with the maknae, im so sorry,,, maknae See you naked ? RapMonster or V ? v Meet BTS and forget to brush your teeth or wear deodorant ? deodorant, i usually dont use Kiss Jin, Suga, Jimin or Jungkook ? you already know Dancing with J-Hope, Jin or V ? i would be so embarrassed to dance in front of legendary j-hope, i guess jin A duet with RapMonster or Jimin ? jimin!! i cant rap ... but i can't sing either oops Want BTS to be single and alone for Armys or dating and happy with Armys support ? dating of course, anything that makes them happy Sing karaoke w/ your bias or go on a shopping spree w/ BTS but not your bias ? shopping tour!!!! Break your bias heart or crush your bias lifetime dreams ? heart, yoongi works so hard for his career, I can't do that One of the BTS members swears at you in Korean, Suga or Jungkook ? jungkook, bc it would be funny, i would be lowkey scared of suga Share a bed with JiKook (Jimin x Jungkook) or TaeGi (V x Suga) ? Taegi hehe my bias and my other bias wrecker And finally... your bias remembers your name or your face ? my face:)
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