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  1. [180613 Tenasia Reporter: Lee Eun Jin] BTS/Picture Source= BIGHIT Entertainment On the 12th (US local time), BTS appeared on the popular US talk show "The Late Late Show with James Corden or known as "James Corden Show"). This is the second appearance after the first one in December last year. "James Corden Show" is one of the most popular late-night show on CBS in the US, hosted by a popular broadcaster and comedian "James Corden". James Corden's opening ment prior to the performance "Listed by Times as 'One of the 25 most influential people on the internet' and multiplatinum selling K-pop boyband is here" following up with BTS's greetings from the waiting room while getting ready for the performance. Further introduced BTS as "The hottest boyband in the world". BTS's performance started after James Corden's introduction of the performance of their 3rd Album LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ and title track 'FAKE LOVE'. BTS performed the title track 'FAKE LOVE' live in front of a lot of audience and fans. The audience sang along to the song and cheered for BTS. James Corden wrapped up the show by hugging BTS who had just finished their performance. [article source]
  2. BTS charted in "Billboard 200" #14 and "Billboard Hot 100" #48 for 3 weeks in a row [180613 Osen Reporter: Kim Eun Ae] According to the latest chart released by Billboard on the 12th (US local time), BTS's third album LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ and the title track 'FAKE LOVE' successfully charted on "Billboard 200" #14 and "Billboard Hot 100" #48 respectively for 3 weeks in a row. Along with BTS's album LOVE YOURSELF 承 'Her', both albums are charted both on the Billboard album chart and single chart for 3 consecutive weeks, which is a first for Korean singer. In addition, the title song 'FAKE LOVE' entered the 38th place on the 'Mainstream Top 40 Pop Song' chart. 'Mainstream Top 40 Pop Song' is based on the amount of broadcast in 40 radio stations in the US collected in a week. On top of that, the album LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ also ranks #1 on "World Album", #3 on "Independent Album", #7 on "Canadian Album", #8 on "Top Album Sales", and #22 on "Taste Maker Album". The title song FAKE LOVE also ranks #24 on "LyricFind Global", #30 on "Digital Song Sales" and #42 on "Billboard Canadian Hot 100". With their global popularity, BTS also spends their 78th week as #1 on the "Social 50" as well as #4 on "Artist 100" chart. Furthermore, BTS will also meet their fans at 8PM tonight for their fifth year debut anniversary "2018 BTS PROM PARTY - RE;VIEW & PRE;VIEW" at the Blue Square Eye Market Hall. [article source]
  3. Past Boy-group Sales Record TOP 10 (Period: 1992.03 ~ 2018.05) 1. Seo Taeji and the kids 2nd Album - 2.200.000 copies 2. Seo Taeji and the kids 4th Album - 2.000.000 copies 3. DJ DOC 3rd Album - 1.950.000 copies 4. god 3rd Album - 1.850.000 copies 5. god 4th Album - 1.730.000 copies 6. Seo Taeji and the kids 1st Album - 1.700.000 copies 7. BTS 5th Mini Album - 1.688.959 copies (as of 2018.05) 8. BTS 3rd Album - 1.664.041 copies (as of 2018.05) 8. Seo Taeji and the kids 3rd Album - 1.600.000 copies 9. H.O.T 2nd Album - 1.520.000 copies 10. Turbo 3rd Album - 1.400.000 copies +H.O.T 1st generation Sales Record (Period: 1996.09 ~ 2018.05) 1. god 3rd Album - 1.850.000 copies 2. god 4th Album - 1.730.000 copies 3. BTS 5th Mini Album - 1.688.959 copies (as of 2018.05) 4. BTS 3rd Album - 1.664.041 copies (as of 2018.05) 5. H.O.T 2nd Album - 1.520.000 copies 6. Turbo 3rd Album - 1.400.000 copies 7. H.O.T 4th Album - 1.380.000 copies 8. SechKies 3.5th Album - 1.260.000 copies 9. Turbo 2nd Album - 1.220.000 copies 10. H.O.T 3rd Album - 1.100.000 copies BTS music king & records *shivers* First group from small company / First group since the 2nd and 3rd generation / First for album released from 2010 ★ 5th Mini Album and 3rd Album sales volume record 0Gen-Idol (SeoTaeji and the kids~) - BTS records the 7th and 8th 1stGen-Idol (H.O.T~) - BTS records the 3rd and 4th 2ndGen-Idol (TVXQ~) - BTS records the 1st and 2nd 3rdGen-Idol (EXO~) - BTS records the 1st and 2nd *Following the 5th Mini Album, the 3rd Album exceeded 1.660.000 copies within the first month of release Single Album record by Jo SungMo's 3rd Album "Do You Know" & "Compassion" sold 1.705.127 copies exceeding 1.600.000 copies BTS broke the record of first month sales which was held by god 4th Album "Road" which sold 1.441.209 copies on the first month It's really great considering the "Digital Generation" now.. Post Response: [+173 ][-3] source ㅇㅇ 2018.06.08 12:03 [+23][-0] It's even more surprising that this records are made not yet a month after the album release *shivers* last year's album might overtake another one's sales.. 1.700.000 copies or might be 2.000.000 within the end of the year hahaha Bangtan is awesome! Everything they did become a record~ I don't even by the album and not even a fan but I listen to the song well. I'll support you in the future as well~ ㅇㅇ 2018.06.08 11:56 [+13][-0] So only group records and not solo singers? Kim Gunmo and Jo Sungmo should be there.
  4. BTS achieved Triple Crown on 'Inkigayo', "3 weeks of happiness thanks to ARMY" [180610 MKSport Reporter: Shin YeonGyeong] Group BTS has achieved Triple Crown on 'Inkigayo' with Fake Love. On SBS 'Inkigayo' which was broadcasted in the afternoon of the 10th, BTS held a performance full of youthful atmosphere. On this day, BTS (RM, Suga, Jin, J-hope, V, Jimin, Jungkook) creating a warm atmosphere with their blue jeans jacket look. Not only that, the performance was also spectacular with their sharp performance. BTS 'Fake Love' Triple Crown pictures=captured on 'Inkigayo' broadcast Especially J-hope who made them smile by looking at his sense of drawing heart on stage. On the other hand, BTS also achieved the Triple Crown by beating AOA and BOL4 for the number 1 spot. The members expressing their gratefulness to the fanclub, ARMY "We did not expect to get number 1 on the last day of broadcast". In addition, they said "We've been happy in the past 3 weeks because of ARMY" affectionately.
  5. [180611 DongaDotCom Reporter: Song Chi Hun] Group BTS wrapped up the official promotions of the new album, earning the first and the best records for the Korean singers. BTS finished the official promotion of the third full album LOVE YOURSELF 轉 'Tear' after SBS's Inkigayo on the 10th. On the 18th last month, BTS released LOVE YOURSELF 轉 'Tear' earning the Top Social Artist for 2 years in a row on Billboard Music Awards in May 20th (US local time) as well as the world premier stage of their new album's title track, marking the beginning of their official activity for the new album. Especially, entered the US "Billboard 200" on #1 and "Billboard Hot 100" on #10 on the first week of promotion. The album sold 1,003,524 copies on the first week of release and reached 1,640,041 copies within 14 days (Hanteo Chart) and recorded as the highest monthly album sale in the history of Gaon Chart. In the overseas chart, the album entered UK's "Official Album Chart" as #8, #1 Top Album on iTunes chart in 65 countries including the US and UK, as well as Spotify's "Global Top 200" chart, proving their dignity as a global superstar. The music video had broken the record of the shortest time to reach 10M views within only 4 hours and 55 minutes, 20M views in only 8 hours 54 minutes, and 100M in 9 days only. As for the domestic comeback, they earned number 1 on music shows KBS2 "Music Bank", MBC "Show! Music Core", SBS "Inkigayo", Mnet "M!Countdown" and MBC Music "Show! Champion", a total of 12 wins. BTS will meet the fans to celebrate their fifth year debut anniversary "2018 BTS PROM PARTY - RE;VIEW & PRE;VIEW" on the 13th of June at Blue Square Market Hall. Following the 'LOVE YOURSELF' global tour which will be held in 11 cities on the second half of the year starting from Seoul to North America and Europe. [article source]
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