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  1. @vmin Does Kpopmart and Kpoptown ship it to Bangladesh????
  2. DIPI

    game This or That

    Flute songs or drama???
  3. I think i can call BTS songs as kpop and also BTSpop!!!But they are literally kpop because they sing in korean, right???
  4. d5e336ccadbb7b338ae527c963bfcfef3cf280a7



  5. FINALLY!!!!FINALLY!!!!!

    My sister praised BTS!!!!!!:Mang:

    :TaTa:LOVE YOU ,UNNIE!!!

  6. yes you are right!!! their ENGLISH is getting good day by day!!!
  7. DIPI

    Love Yourself: Answer

    too much excited!!!!
  8. DIPI

    game This or That

    internet Anime or Kdrama???
  9. JIN must do the intro!!!! even if he dont want to he should!!! i am also with you!!!
  10. Oh my god!!! now we can use them on facebook!!! but lol i dont have any facebook id... i need to ask my cousins to use them in full speed!!! love BT21!!!
  11. DIPI

    game This or That

    Reading School or Home??
  12. @Maphisto40 I was going to create a topic on this matter!!! but you were fast by the way i am so much excited for their comeback!!!i have prepared my wigs to be snatched away!!!! ================================================ ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````