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  1. Hiiiiii everyone..... Long time no see:rapmon9:

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    2. kingseokjin1992


      I misssed you

    3. Bottle of Jin

      Bottle of Jin

      OMG I missed you!!!  Welcome back! :rapmon9:

    4. kingseokjin1992


      Welcome back btw

  2. That's a good opportunity!! I think BTS and BH will not miss that!
  3. Namjoon killed maeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! How can a person be this stunning??!!
  4. I can say he's an angel!! But from looking from the computer!!!
  5. Bc twitter is doing a suspend spree on inactive accs!! So a lot of fan accs are suspended! Maybe that's why they are loosing followers!
  6. Okkay!! So I have been so much inactive recently!!! Argh! This life!!! I missed the forum and members a looooooooooooooooooooooot!!!!!

  7. DIPI

    Album Giveaways!

    Entering again!!! My bias is RM!!!
  8. The edits were too funny! At twitter I was LMFAO!!!
  9. Happy birthday, Chimini!!!
  10. @fan_95 Haha!!! I know that!!! But don't feel strange!!! I think I have a friendly personality , so I easily make people my friends!
  11. Ok!! So from now on we are friends!!!
  12. I will be glad to be friends!!!
  13. I don't understand anything!! Sorry!