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  1. #993 - Yeno those moments where you just need a good cry? Magic Shop is the perfect song to listen to during those times. @suckjeans86 - btw, thank you for noticing that you count backwards after reaching 1000 (': low key sad that i missed the 1000 mark though lol
  2. #997 - Just came back from a week trip to Vancouver! Hope everyone is well!
  3. #987 - Pretty busy lately. Chopped most of my hair off. Going on a trip in a few weeks. I'm doing well. Hope you all are too!
  4. #983 - They performed Whalien52 at the Prom Party. brb crying
  5. #979 - Busy busy week~
  6. #977 - Have this massive urge to just snip off all of my hair.
  7. Whalien

    fan project #BT5

    These are the cutest! Super excited to celebrate another FESTA with you all!
  8. I didn't watch the performance, but twitter and tumblr are either freaking out about how Jungkook flashed his abs and how horrible the camerawork was (yikes).
  9. Just came home from a family dinner and heard the great news! Congrats to them!!
  10. I would like them transferred please! Thanks in advance!
  11. @Maphisto40 - Oh my god. Your SOPE photo cards are gorgeous. Hobi in that v-neck shirt though...
  12. 800,000? I don't know if the forum plans to, but if you need it urgently, there is a twitter acc that does post sales (but of all groups and not just BTS).
  13. #966 - Seems like some folks got their albums early. Thankfully they're only sharing the photo cards and not the music itself. Though, I'll be avoiding twitter all together because I feel like I'm sinning just for looking at them lol.
  14. I'm crying. This is amazing! I hope Tae sees this!