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  1. other

    Bless your heart. Thank you so much for your hard work!
  2. game

    ... excuse me? You had missions out and about too? AND THE FACT THAT PAT SOLVED THEM. @-Mochi- - GURL WE WERE JUST DISCUSSING ABOUT THE SRs AND HOW YOU'D RATHER SPAM GIFS AND MEMES INSTEAD OF FINDING SRs. Im in shock. LMFAO I'll go hunt tomorrow - but my skills aren't great. I mean, especially since they're from Faith - who knows where the last one might be.
  3. But then there's Chim looking like a sweet mochi.
  4. game

    I'm a horrible friend because I just saw this. Please accept my apology - I'll send you virtual honey butter chips and bubble tea. (I don't know what flavour bbt you drink - but since we both consume Chatime, I get you that). Wishing you the best! If you ever need someone to talk to, we're all here
  5. game

    Oh wait theres one more? inbox. now.
  6. game

    You were like this last game too with the pizza and pasta mess. Anyways, I'm honoured that you mentioned me in your massive essay - it makes me happy. Plus, Sister Moni is look fab in your signature. You should keep it there.
  7. game

    Ok true dat. Tbh i think i just got extremely lucky. Thats literally the only live performance engraved in my mind.
  8. game

    No need to rub it in. Dont go any further. Im emotionally weak on the bus right now.
  9. game

    Ok im butt hurt that it took you only 25 mins to find them all... it took me days inclu. the amount of time i had to beg Rin for hints... im hurt.
  10. game

    Wait. Why is the current status Round 100 now. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME RIGHT WHEN IM ABOUT TO GO You can expect me to bother your inbox Rin. I'm gonna fill it up when I get back and you're not gonna have space to talk to other peeps.
  11. game

    Ugh I'd stay - but Id gotta brave the cold and commute to classes in a bit. Y'all it's supposed to feel like -25C or -13F today. Someone pray for me.