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  1. #987 - Pretty busy lately. Chopped most of my hair off. Going on a trip in a few weeks. I'm doing well. Hope you all are too!
  2. #983 - They performed Whalien52 at the Prom Party. brb crying
  3. #979 - Busy busy week~
  4. #977 - Have this massive urge to just snip off all of my hair.
  5. Whalien

    fan project #BT5

    These are the cutest! Super excited to celebrate another FESTA with you all!
  6. I didn't watch the performance, but twitter and tumblr are either freaking out about how Jungkook flashed his abs and how horrible the camerawork was (yikes).
  7. Just came home from a family dinner and heard the great news! Congrats to them!!
  8. I would like them transferred please! Thanks in advance!
  9. @Maphisto40 - Oh my god. Your SOPE photo cards are gorgeous. Hobi in that v-neck shirt though...
  10. 800,000? I don't know if the forum plans to, but if you need it urgently, there is a twitter acc that does post sales (but of all groups and not just BTS).
  11. #966 - Seems like some folks got their albums early. Thankfully they're only sharing the photo cards and not the music itself. Though, I'll be avoiding twitter all together because I feel like I'm sinning just for looking at them lol.
  12. I'm crying. This is amazing! I hope Tae sees this!
  13. Good mornings! So we've reached the end of our game. Thank you folks for playing! When I first started the game, I didn't expect any participation at all, but I'm so happy that a number of you guys joined! Thank you so much for taking the time to play and thank you for not giving up! Scoreboard Sending bombs and messaging the first two winners in a few minutes! Thank you for keeping me company! Hope we can do this again sometime! In the meantime, let's mentally prepare ourselves for the comeback!
  14. A few seconds off from the last screenshot (': I'll give it to ya. Sorry I just got home from work not too long ago. I'll end the game here, post my ending remarks and hand out prizes when I wake up. But for now, thank you for playing!