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      If you haven't submitted a birthday message to him yet, go >HERE< and scroll down to the "Birthday Message Submission" section. Follow the guidelines listed and submit your message using the google form linked on that page! To view the details of the overall birthday project for Jungkook, or ask any questions you have, you can visit the main project thread:  Wànhuā: In Bloom - a Jungkook Charity Birthday Project

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  1. appreciation

    hello my family. i am here. (cr) (cr) - sleeveless glowing hobi is also a threat. (cr) ... who am i kidding. whenever hobi does a thing - he is rude af to me.
  2. just leaving these here for no particular reason. (cr) // (cr) // (cr)
  3. (cr) me when im serious and nothing turns out right
  4. blessed. (cr)
  5. does this count? also fun fact - this was the first time i heard of Never Ever. I can't un-hear the mic changes when I hear the actual song now.
  6. #444 - Feeling guilty for not being on this forum as active as before. Hope everyone is well and alive despite the Highlight Reels BigHit keeps throwing at us.
  7. game

    @cyphersatoori - Without a doubt, one of the strongest person I know. I am honoured to be called a friend of yours.
  8. game

    @iridescentwings The One Person Who Singlehandedly Made Me Buy a Non-Bangtan Album. and also made me fall for another man other than YoonSeokTae.
  9. My unique 1 month award may or may not have expired a week ago. Username: Whalien Arrangement: V YF era + Suga RUN era Hobi RUN era + Youth Thank you~
  10. event

    September 18th! I know it's probably not this date but I took a day-off from work on this date assuming that it'll be the comeback (mind you that it was an hour before Jungkook's poster released. rip)
  11. Okay I'll be back to edit this post. I have to head to work now - but there are two things that I am praying for. Black-haired Kim Namjoon and Forehead. (One of the members having their hair styled up).
  12. Happy Birthday to one of my dearest friends on BBase! 


    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. May you celebrate it with your loved ones!

    1. cyphersatoori


      Thank you so much, Nene! jimin9:

  13. I think we all know how much Joon loves to travel and explore. So, why not a thread with all of the photos of him going on adventures? JULY 2017 JUNE 2017 MAY 2017 APRIL 2017 MARCH 2017 FEBRUARY 2017 JANUARY 2017 NOVEMBER 2016 AUGUST 2016 JULY 2016 JUNE 2016 MAY 2016 APRIL 2016 MARCH 2016 FEBRUARY 2016 *still updating* - feel free to help out!