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  1. Oh gosh, I'm so sorry that this happened to you ): We've had another member who had an issue with btsmania (click here) in terms of their goods and services. Looking into their website a bit more it seems like their reviews are unusually high (tbh I'm almost certain they're filtered). Thank you for sharing this with other ARMYs!
  2. Back to revive this thread and Photographer Kim Taehyung! I have months with tons and tons of content (especially since they've been travelling all over the place in 2018)! EDIT: Holy jesus I finished. That took a few hours - but it was worth it (': ... i think
  3. I'm back to revive some of my favourite threads I've created in the past. Notably this thread and Adventurer Kim Namjoon. I have a good 9-10 months to catch up, yikes! EDIT: It's up to date now! Let's just say October 2018 has been the greatest time for Vante. Sneak peak of October 2018: (10/14) (10/13)
  4. I missed you

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    3. Whalien


      Same old (: The usual busy personal life is always pulling me away from here, haha.

    4. Seokjin❤


      well i am good you are here

  5. #921 - After all these months, my biases and bias wrecker remains the same. phew i thought my heart would sway
  6. I used to but not as much now, but a lot of the backlash was just liking k-pop in general. Initially, most of the criticism came from my mom (who I can proudly say is an ARMY now) and sister. Once in a while I get the mean comments here and there from my sister - sad to say that I'm used to it but it's been years since I've become an ARMY. I don't criticize her for what she likes and she shouldn't for me either. You like what you like and not everyone will like or understand it. So you just keep doing you!
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  8. #993 - Yeno those moments where you just need a good cry? Magic Shop is the perfect song to listen to during those times. @suckjeans86 - btw, thank you for noticing that you count backwards after reaching 1000 (': low key sad that i missed the 1000 mark though lol
  9. #997 - Just came back from a week trip to Vancouver! Hope everyone is well!
  10. #987 - Pretty busy lately. Chopped most of my hair off. Going on a trip in a few weeks. I'm doing well. Hope you all are too!
  11. #983 - They performed Whalien52 at the Prom Party. brb crying
  12. #977 - Have this massive urge to just snip off all of my hair.
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