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  1. yesss! i'm in love with all the hair styling this comeback
  2. i'm so excited!! the song sounds so groovy
  3. List of Fansites Masterlist of Logs List of Solos/Covers OTP Threads:
  4. ♡ What is an "award"? Awards are little badges that show up underneath your avatar/display picture when you post throughout the community. They can showcase your particular bias, OTPs, favorite BT21 characters, etc. ♡ How do I get an award? Normal awards are earned through posting on the forum. The more you post, the more awards you can request. You can get your first award at 50 posts. Then your second award at 100 posts, your third one at 200, your fourth at 300 posts and your fifth at 400. For the sixth award and beyond it will be every 200 posts for a new award i.e. the six
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