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  1. what a classy apologize letter. some influencers need to take a look and learn from them. and I hope this will put a rock under this issue for good! social media's being too fuzzy about it in the last couple of days and it's getting really annoying, especially with antis
  2. OOF there's too many i'd say his explanation for his part in the song "Move", when he talks about being inside his mom's womb and it was his "first house" so he wanted a different approach from the meaning of the song. and how his mom was sick before him getting born and everything. and then talking about his journey becoming an idol. istg this man kills me every second
  3. MC_

    Album Giveaways!

    hello, I want to participate my bias is Yoongi
  4. I changed my icon but not my sig i'm having a hard time to find a good one
  5. AAAAAAA I imagined so let's try this again 1