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  1. Feat. NICKI MINAJ (it's not embedding ;_;)
  2. aww, yess... our meme king. thank you for existing honestly I have no words for him because he's too damn perfect, so CONGRATULATIONS MAH BOI LET'S GET ITT
  3. kookie is such a meme machine, I can't HAHAHA
  4. @JinsPeachyGirl86 OMG THANK YOU this is the first time I ever won something by guessing numbers lmao
  5. oh my... oh my what's going o- WAIT WHAT OH MY HOLY JESUS THANK YOU @jin @DIPI I'M RICH NOW WHAT THE HELL
  6. so... do we already have some explanations or theories for the drawnings? i'm legitimately curious about them lmao I watch this video every single day and still can't figure it out. and the bunny inside the moon. i'm losing my sleep over this edit: nevermind, I just found out this beautiful thread over here
  7. I saw someone saying that the "bad" CGI were meant to represent some k-pop bands and their overall concepts, but I never saw any korean MVs with bad CGI lol i'm so glad with this video right now because it shows a lot of different cultures and, correct me if i'm wrong but South Korea is kinda reluctant with the idea, I don't know. now I understand why they said this MV would shook Korea
  8. hello everyone, we are gathered here today to mourn the sad and tragic death of our dear friend, Miss MC. She was attacked by the SUN ITSELF while screaming "OMG LOOK AT HIS LITTLE BRAIDS! BITCH I'M DEA-"
  9. this song is absolutely AMAZING, perfect, seriously there's nothing to be changed. so much better than I expected! and honestly i've never been so happy in this year, thank god I became an army early enough to be a part of this comeback!!! THANK YOU, BTS!!
  10. @Cypher• yeeeeSSSSSS TAE HOW DARE YOU
  11. damn I have no words this comeback is going to be LIT AF
  12. where's the cypher omg i'm freaking out hahahaha i'm not fine bts c'mon
  13. Dark & Wild - Second Grade (the gun sounds sdsjkabjkasehiause i love it) WINGS - Lie / Am I Wrong / 21st Century Girls (geez the whole freaking album) 2Cool4Skool - We Are Bulletproof / No More Dream Skool Luv Affair - Tomorrow and not today, of course all the cyphers and house of cards. and baepsae DNA and mic drop okay i'm done