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Everything posted by MC_

  1. sorry for bumping this, but today I saw a weird hashtag and I just wanted to share. I really REALLY hope they're all trolls but, just for playing safe, i'd recommend reporting these accs (please, don't engage). apparently there's a bunch of sasaengs trading or even selling personal info (kakaotalk accounts, private numbers, rare photos) from different groups, not only BTS. some of their lists are terrifying. anyways, here's the list: actually there's a lot more, i'm just picking accs related to BTS. they multiply like roaches, it's insane. it's like a trend or something. the hashtags they usually use are #ssng #sasaeng #sasaenglife #sasaengfans #sasaengs #sasaengfan #사생 #사생팬 #exchange there's also a thread I was reading and the OP got threatened by one of them anyways, i'm sorry if any of you already knew that, i'm reporting all the accs I find under these hashtags. edit: a video that i've found (very creepy), an interview with a "ex-sasaeng"
  2. finally we're having a date lol I was getting crazy already
  3. @Cypher• it's different and now people are getting crazy with theories and everything hahaha there's also some theories related to the animals, oof I thought they were going to be your average BG group but apparently they're going to be full bighit-bts-universe-theories-mind-blowing-shit too lol
  4. i'm here just to say that soobin can have it
  5. @Clefairy omg yesterday there was some people saying HueningKai is ugly and pretty bad stuff... the boy is 16... I can't help to imagine what BTS have gone through in their debut year... I was honestly hoping that having some "support from another fandom" was going to help but some armys are really killing the fun of it... can you imagine being THAT insecure? lmao edit: also yes yeonjun can get it I'm definitely suffering with this one
  6. @kingseokjin1992 OOF POLEMIC STATEMENT HERE, if you tell them @ twt you like exo and bts you'll probably be dragged af lol IKR, they're blocking, constantly saying they won't stan because "they don't have to"... ugh just chill everyone, the insecurity is showing hahaha BTS will always be BTS and to me they'll always be the mf KINGS, but let other people shine as well
  7. putting the video here as well so we can all freak out together LOL KIM TAEHYUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE HIM
  8. @Clefairy and you know what? i'm seeing some people being very annoying with this situation, it's almost like we should keep our minds 100% focused on BTS all.the.time but what's the problem with liking another group? I won't be less than a fan if I start to feel another group, right? yes it'll be chaotic cuz BTS give us news everyday but what's the problem with enjoying other groups.........
  9. LMAO @ jin BTFO'ing the driver in the beginning AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA he's not a scaredy cat in this webtoon! hahaha @movietvdrama i'm starting to think that as well! jin probably will try but won't be able to save everyone, so creating a chain effect would be a good way to do it!
  10. @Clefairy HE IS OMG ASUIHAUEHSUAEHUAHSEAES I'M SUPER IN LOVE I wonder if they'll keep us updated with photos just like BTS!! that would be wonderful
  11. @Clefairy idk I have the feeling the BG songs from their MVs may be related to their songs? like an instrumental version? because if it is, I actually enjoyed
  12. @Flame omg soobin is cute af too also the last one, beomgyu, the daegu boy. uuugGGGHH I'M BETWEEN THEM OMG I'M BETWEEN ALL OF THEM THEY ARE ALL SO GORGEOUS i'm even reading their chinese horoscope and I don't even believe in this stuff >< let me hold myself cuz I need to hear their music first... but honestly i'm already a stan istg they seem to be funny and chaotic just like BTS hahaha
  13. okay now that i'm seeing all of them yeonjun is srsly VERY CUTE like very very cute like idk i'm-
  14. I AM IN LOVE OMG????????????????????????????????????????
  15. okay so 1h30 for the next thing to come out... maybe another member? a teaser? their debut date? i don't know anymore????
  16. THIS SONG: AMAZING MY HEART: EXPLODED MY WIG: FLEW MY UWU MACHINE: BROKE MY FEELINGS: GONE HOTEL: TRIVAGO no seriously yoongi has the fcking POWER to DESTROY me with a few hits on the piano istg this man :((((((
  17. @Cypher• omg I hope you're correct! i'm really waiting for a debut! also I saw the new member is from Daegu omgggggggg DAEGU PEOPLE ARE SO GORGEOUS WHYYYYYYyyyyyy
  18. @JasonJiminChang oh my, this is awful! is there any way to send them the fake lightstick back and get your money? people really do terrible things so they can scam others. I really hope you can get a refund for all the scamming!
  19. @May hahaha don't worry bby you'll be fine... congrats on your first thread btw hahaha YESS A COLLAB I was seeing some tweets about his next mixtape being almost finished too? I'm freaking the fck out
  21. @Flame exactly! it was kinda implied this would be a sad story, we don't know the end tho, I hope it's a good one or the less terrible one hahahaha i'm super excited to know more about jimin and hoseok! I thought these webtoons were not going to help, but they're helping a lot lol edit: i'm seeing tweets complaining about the whole "time travel" thing, honestly some people just can't wait to ruin the party, no? lmao
  22. i'm reading and writing here so let's go okay now my considerations in this whole BU thing, this is all trippy and my mind is confused so please bear with me