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  1. I hate being a Junior...

    1. Sincerelyyoongi
    2. BangtansBeauty_21


      I'm a Junior in college and its really stressful

    3. Sincerelyyoongi
  2. I'm sorry, I haven't been on much lately, I recently lost a few of my really close family members and I also have a few other things going on 

  3. I hope you follow your heart and make what you think is the right decision 

  4. original.jpeg

    1. Sweet&Suga


      Well... I guess I'm in love with my 'crush'...:$

  5. I've noticed a lot of ARMY that haven't been on in a while and its making me sad 😢

    1. Sweet&Suga


      I've noticed that to, it's making me sad too. :(

    2. Tae_Kookies


      Its shummer


  6. I was wrong and now I'm hella depressed right now 😦

  7. Your a very special girl to be hanging out with my cousin, she's very mean when it comes to a lot of people