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Happy 2nd Anniversary!
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  1. This is the only time I’ve ever had a BTS related dream (so far). Anyways, in this dream I went to the supermarket to get milk. Idk why I went to get milk because in reality I hate the taste. 🤢 And when I went to check out it was V who was the cashier. As he rang the milk up, I realized that I forgot I hated the taste. And I told him to forget about the order and I’ll take it back. V grabbed the milk jug and insisted that I buy it. And for some reason I got mad and I told him no, you’re not the one buying it. And we just continued to argue about whether or not I get the milk. Idk if I ended up buying it because I woke up with my heart racing 😂. But regardless, I don’t share that with ANYONE because reading it aloud I feel like I’d lose brain cells from this silly dream, haha!!
  2. how did you get your title to say happy 2nd anniversary and purple?

    1. FruityTae


      So to get it to say that you need to go to the B.B. shop and find the 2nd anniversary sticker or whatever you call it. It’s free so it’s amazing. Let me know if you need more help. 

  3. @kingseokjin1992 @JoyD They’re fine. The taxi stopped too suddenly and it caused a small accident, which not only BTS’ vehicles, but a couple of others I believe. It’s a fender bender and everyone walked away safely.
  4. 2hqq71j.jpg

    Isn’t this so cute or what? I thought it really personalized my laptop! 💜🤗

  5. Happy anniversary, y’all! How much fun. I love this site and all the nice ARMY members I’ve got to know over the course of being on this account. 💜
  6. Happy Birthday to the most humble guy there is!

    Thank you so much for all the smiles and laughs that you have created. I hope to see you succeed so much in BTS, not only that, but in your own life outside the group as well. We love you a lot and ARMY is super proud of you, Jin! 💜



    1. JinEuphoric86




      But seriously, CAN HE GET ANY CUTER???

    2. kingseokjin1992


      YES! and yes we do Happy Birthday my love!

    3. FruityTae


      Always :))

  7. @Vii I don’t think so. It looks like it’s right before their performance for the Melon Awards or however you say it, lol. @Clefairy I’ve never listened to him. But Jungkook seems to be a huge fan lol.
  8. @kingseokjin1992 no problem
  9. It’s a blessed day when JK post a selca, haha! 💜
  10. @Clefairy He does, doesn’t he? It’s so nice seeing artist supporting one another. Haha actually that’s my favorite cover from JK believe it or not!
  11. @Clefairy Why is this so precious? Idk where you found this, but so sweet! 💜😆
  12. @DIPI @suckjeans86 @JiminieMochi How can anyone not love this guy. He is life. Grape Joonie is back and I’m very happy. @DIPI Also, since your RM bias definitely check out my blog post here on him. It’s very lovely and a lot of his stans enjoyed it! 💜
  13. It has been raining almost every single day. I don’t know how much more I can take! Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain...just not everyday! ️ 


  14. Why is his ExTrAnEsS my spirit animal on so many levels...like damn boy stop! 😂
  15. Yoongi stan right here..we need to keep this going, haha! 💜 Face Face ;/ Puffy face and pout SO done face