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Love jungkook


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  1. I am join My bias is jeon jungkook Best of luck to everyone
  2. Sorry,i am late Happy birthday Kim namjoon💖💖 I love you!!I hope you'll always find happiness and love in your life.just stay the amazing person you are because, We all love you. Many many returns of the day. You are the best leader.
  3. Oh!!! I think It's the best part on this mv. when jimin said" you can't stop me lov'in myself". Jimin looks so cute when he said that.
  4. Noooooo,please don't explain it
  5. Today is my bias's birthday HAPPY BIRTH DAY JUNGKOOKI LOVE YOU!! I love you a lot.i love your everything. Your dance,your song,your cute face,your sexy lips, your behaviour, your every good thing. Today is your birthday and today i am so happy for you.it's your day.enjoy it!! I love you a lot and i don't have any language to explain it!! I do everything for you. I always pray for you and pray for BTS.you are very special for me. Jungkook Oppa!!
  6. 😘😘 OMG!! i am fine song is a really good song,i love this song very much but,this song have a lot of mix-up And their new comeback is really nice. And ot7 looks so pretty in this comeback.
  7. BTS IS THE BEST And i am also proud of them.
  8. Hi, welcome to Bangtan Base.  

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    2. worldwide mochi
    3. Love jungkook

      Love jungkook

      Thanks, and Friend,    where are you from??:ppapv:

    4. worldwide mochi

      worldwide mochi

      I am from Hong Kong, but I moved to US


  9. Yes, he is a good person,i like him a lot
  10. Ok fine,it's jimin,but i dnt wanna let go of jk.