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  1. https://bangtanintl.wordpress.com/


    you guys should really check this place out cuz it has lots of stuff on BTS

    its really cool i just found it todaay..hehe

  2. hey guys i just took my CFA test and got a 68/80 in social studies:jmhide:

  3. hey armys.... im back from fall break....I went to gatlinburg  and got a gay pride flag shirt....its beautiful

    also chimchim's b-day is in 4 days!!!!

  4. hey guys......i start fall break tomorrow :Cooky:

  5. happy birthday pinkmon i love you...i hope you day is beautiful.
  6. oml look at yoongi twerk at the end
  7. Happy birthday kookie. I hope your birthday is a lovely day😘

  8. who listens to this when they are sad??? i know i do tbh..


    1. Love jungkook

      Love jungkook

      I love this song a lot:sjjang:

  9. this is officially my new fav song