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  1. Happy(belated) BIRTHDAY~:celebrate:

  2. Answer me I miss you so much

  3. My cousin hates you now and I'm not sure why, you seem like a pretty nice person and she did talk about you a lot but ever since she said you were given another chance you blew it, you didn't even attempt to apologize to her for what you or who ever it was did and I'm not trying to be mean I just want to know why your being like this towards her you used to be her best friend and now your her worst enemy. I honestly feel really bad for you now because being hated by her is like having a flower die as soon as you touch it, she's a nice honest person that choose to be your friend just because she had a bad past and thought you could make the future better for her....I'm going to stop here because I'm going to start getting mean if I don't 

    Message me when you have an explanation as to why your treating my baby cousin like this

  4. I'll try to give you another chance but this is the last time I'm giving you a chance 

  5. I need you 

    Why am I in love alone, why am I hurting alone

    I need you 

    Why do I keep needing you when I know I’ll get hurt?


    I need you, you’re beautiful

    I need you, you’re so cold

    I need you I need you 

    I need you I need you

    It goes round & round, why do I keep coming back

    I go down & down, at this point, I’m just a fool

    Whatever I do, I can’t help it

    It’s definitely my heart, my feelings but why don’t they listen to me

    I’m just talking to myself again, talking to myself again

    I’m just talking to myself again, talking to myself again

    You’re not saying anything, please, I’ll treat you well

    But the sky is blue, the sky is blue

  6. I want to give up but there is still hope for her

  7. I missed youuuuu