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Everything posted by kingseokjin1992

  1. I want to give up but there is still hope for her

  2. I missed youuuuu

  3. I feel like you haven’t been online in forever

  4. I gtg bye bye love you all



  6. I might have to go soon so bye bye in case

  7. I am going to cry so I won’t be at lunch

  8. If pain could make the pain go away then why am I untouched partly because I would be hurting myself everyday because pain happens everyday for me sometimes we have to look past the dark part of our life and see the light because to cure the pain we have to see something and that something is not pain

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    2. Jinri


      Im at my deepest and darkest right now. I dont see any light that will help me with this.

    3. kingseokjin1992


      I will be your light

    4. Jinri


      Blind by the darkness.