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  1. What is your favorite thing thing that Hobi said? I can't choose between a lot of things but yeah I want to see what you all say. And remember LOVE YOURSELF!!!!!!!
  2. Hey so what is your favorite thing that JK said? Mine probably "I asked you to buy me Lamb Skewers!" Remember LOVE YOURSELF!!!!!!!
  3. Share your story if you have one
  4. so I have a really embarrassing story about my crush last year? I want to know if you all have some to? let me know if you want to hear it? yeah you are probably wondering why it is in the game forum but as we go on I will ask other questions if that is fine? and you can too! LOVE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Being on here Have you ever fought any one
  6. #915 I sold a lot of good stuff for a concert