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  1. LMAO mood since I started listening to K-Pop. I feel so old and stupid
  2. Another one fluent in English? Damn, I guess BH had enough of seeing BTS struggling in interviews in the US (as usual, not sure how they found those info and how reliable they are)
  3. EXCUSE ME WHILE I'M SOBBING (reading this while listening to I Need You was NOT a good choice. Love all you write, it makes sense to me... even if it's depressing but hey, we were warned I guess.
  4. Aaaah that's great, finally we get to understand a bit more the mess that the BU is.
  5. I ship Yoongi x trophies. He obviously loves them A LOT.
  6. American uh. I'm still reading the craziest theories about his origins though
  7. Unfortunately I couldn't watch their performance, but it seems it was at the end yes. They must be really tired, they just came back from Japan
  8. 👏GIVE 👏 BTS 👏 SOME👏REST👏 (But I think he also enjoyed himself:
  9. It's breaking my heart and making me laugh at the same time, I don't even know haha
  10. That would be even more hilarious! I wonder if they will interact a lot, like that could be nice if they were invited in a Run episode or something!
  11. That part where they had to translate the lyrics, I was dying Not to mention the number of times Jin got his team name wrong hahaha
  12. @MC_ You're right, I NEED MORE OF THAT. I appreciate the colours too (Ravenclaw ftw)
  13. You're probably right, I'm still new to K-pop and way to lazy to learn all the idols' name I come across I mean I know a few that have a stage name ofc but I know more that kept their name
  14. WHAT IS THIS. That's not fair. (Yeah my stream died after not even an hour as I suspected waiting for videos)
  15. I was actually wondering if he was mixed-race because of his double-eyelid (as usual, no sure about the source but that would confirm my impression)
  16. @Cypher• Yeah, seems like that. Come to think of it I don't know that many idols that have stage names
  17. OK so I don't know if that's a stage name or his real name... but if it's the latter, we can safely say he's the first non-Korean to debut in Big Hit (definitely not a Korean name)
  18. FOUND A LINK OMG https://www.pscp.tv/w/1lDxLMRwNbqKm RIP my productivity