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Everything posted by Flame

  1. That's the kind of episode I like! It was sooo funny, especially the "class president" part, can't wait for next week to see the rest of the games!
  2. I literally missed half the interview because the screen froze But yeah Namjoon looks so good damn
  3. Just like BTS tends to get awards when JK is in the bathroom haha I'm only watching the Red Carpet, I guess I won't miss anything from the ceremony? I don't know if they are going to do anything there?
  4. Yeah wtf is going on with the streams? I don't understand, is one pre-recorded or something? I have no idea what's going on... like I have a better understanding of full Korean streams, I don't even know
  5. OK I just arrived a few minutes ago, reading through your post, seems like I didn't miss ANYTHING. Good Yeah so it's sad they didn't get it but they've had such a big year with so many achievements, and them being there is one as well. I'm just glad they were invited and that they can meet so many other artists, they must love it (except when Namjoon's leaving them alone lmao)
  6. I really can't wait to see this, even if they are not nominated for their music, I'm so happy they get to go there. Maybe next year they'll win an important Grammy, give them what they want \o/
  7. (if someone was wondering about the last morse code) Lots of imagery with the flowers + animals. I also noticed while watching YJ then SB's videos, there are shots of them with light shed on them. It has different shapes, YJ has stars and Soobin some sort of flowers?
  8. Why is JK like this? He's too precious for this world
  9. I'm so disappointed... We've waited so long, I was expecting more T_T Though I have to say, Soobin is too damn handsome I think however the morse code at the end is different this time so hopefully it's a hint towards their debut (pls). Edit: apparently morse says TOMORROW. Thx BH, I can read your countdown.
  10. Still not over that Idol intro. The dance line worked so hard, I love watching them practice And now I have to admit that I laughed a little bit during Fake Love practice. Obviously they're not giving all their energy (which I think is good, no point in exhausting them) but look at Suga lmao.
  11. JK being so shy around Charlie Puth aw He's adorable, I guess he was really happy to sing with him.
  12. @Cypher• I think it's Taehyun but I'm terrible at knowing who's who (especially at this point, we haven't seen much of them)
  13. I can't wait to listen to his song. I obviously love all the members but Taehyung's voice is by far my favourite. His solos always give me the chills and I can't wait to have another one to jam to. I'm also so happy that they all get to do their own stuff \o/
  14. He made dad jokes in his tweets HELP (in the first one as well apparently). Just a quick reminder that this guy is the oldest of the group, DOES THAT REMIND YOU OF SOMEONE? (also welp he's too cute)
  15. Finally getting some rest, I'm crying Trans: original song (cr)
  16. Same! Soobin is also super cute, he might be my favourite (in terms of looks). I hope we'll get to know them soon, pls tweet a lot.
  17. And now we have to wait 4 days, hopefully for their debut song this time! It's a longer timer than usual so that's what I'm hoping for!
  18. There it is! Edit: translation of Suga's part I AM SO SOFT