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Happy 2nd Anniversary!
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  1. I'll come watch pictionary but don't expect me to play I am the worst lmao
  2. I'm so here for the streaming party XD Which reminds me are we going to stream it on rabbit or are we just going to do what we did for the MMAs and make a thread?
  3. @kingseokjin1992 Oh don't get me wrong I loved them all but Hobi already kills me just by existing half the time and I'd really rather not think things like that about Jungkook because he is almost half my age lmao (I know he's legal I'm just weird like that XD) but Jimin though holy cripes it's like that dance was made for him.
  4. Okay I think it's official, after the fan dance at the MMAs, I think Jimin is starting to come for my ass again! (Considering he was my first bias, I'm trying to resist but i am 98% sure I'll have given up by New Years lol)
  5. One of my discord servers were wondering if he was drunk or something XD Either that or he was loopy on no sleep
  6. @sungel oh god I have it playing in another tab and I think you're right XD
  7. UGH SAME idk why but that whole intro made me tear the heck up a lil bit XD like okay I knew Hobi, Kookie and Jimin were amazing dancers but HOLY SHIT
  8. When are the boys gonna perform so I can finally go to bed? No I have not been to sleep yet lol
  9. Oh my gosh it's that little girl whose name I couldn't remember from last year lol
  10. I MISSED IT? Ah well i was too busy squealing over Hobi doing the acceptance speech, I guess XD
  11. @JoyD HI JOY so what do you think about red-haired Tae? I am so whipped for him rn I'm not even sure I have a bias list anymore lmao
  12. The earliest one I found was 2016 and I've found it over here Hope it helps!