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  1. wish granted but now instead of band, they're teaching your least favorite subject. I wish I didn't have stage fright so I could sing karaoke.
  2. I was not expecting them to do Fire so I might have nearly died when they did XD
  3. @Jin_means_gold well that was exactly what I asked myself lmao
  4. Jimin, Jin and Hobi are my biases and here's the story of how they each got up there My first bias was Jimin, someone had shown me a gif set of him in Not Today on tumblr about a week after it dropped, and I was like "Okay who is that cotton candy haired cutie?" So I looked him up, watched a few videos and that's about how I went down the rabbit hole. Then Her dropped and Hobi hit me like a god damn truck in the Mic Drop stages, and he promptly took over my bias spot when the remix MV dropped that November (which was also when Tae hit my bias wrecker list and hasn't left yet - that black leather outfit with the headband? YES PLEASE lol) Jin had joined Tae on my bias wrecker list just before last tour started, but it wasn't until watching Epiphany fancams from night two in Fort Worth that I realized that he'd switched lists on me lol. Jimin came back for my ass *hard* with that fan dance at the Melon Awards that December, though oh my gosh. Hobi will always be my ult though, I can't explain it, he always makes me feel super happy when I see him XD
  5. Not Today was mine and now I really wish I was going to see them live since it's apparently on the set list this tour lol
  6. Does Brian May playing guitar on a live performance of Dionysus count? Because that is as delulu as i've ever gotten after joining this fandom. I mean, the guitarist of my favorite rock band playing with my favorite pop band? Please God can it happen? lol
  7. Same then imma download them to my tablet and watch them on the bus to my aunt's house lol Also I am never getting over maknae line going over the table like they did lol
  8. Same Also who wants to bet this is going to be their next single?
  9. Yeah I remembered that and nearly died laughing the second time I listened to it on the album.
  10. This choreo will never fail to leave me dead on the floor every time I watch it I swear.
  11. Jin's bg vocals in Dionysus kill me It's like yeah okay I knew he could hit those high notes (ie Come Back Home and Crystal Snow) but DAMN I was not expecting him to pull off what he did!
  12. I'll have to go with Awake too because hoooooly frick Jin is amazing with it, he needs to perform this live again gdi
  13. That painting in the background on the second set, that's the same design that was on Yoongi's shirt in the Fire MV wasn't it? And isn't Hoseok wearing the same robe he wore when they performed Cypher 4?