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  1. #943 oh dear lord I started following Hobi's sister on instagram and frick she's prettier than I will ever be XD
  2. #947 - Oh my gosh could you tell the voices, or not?
  3. 950 - Thank you! And it is now official Jin is my second bias, it pretty much hit me last night while I was going through twitter
  4. If you mean Baepsae....yeah let's not talk about it he has killed me multiple times with that XD
  5. HOLY CRAP HE DID NOT JUST DO THAT! (Koya fits my reaction to that perfectly yo XD)
  6. #963 - Not your fault, I blame the Epiphany fancam I found holy crap he was gorgeous *_* Anyway if you want to add me I'm rebellionsluckystar I will add you asap!
  7. #965 - Jin is officially my second bias wrecker now, I really didn't need it XD
  8. He already kicked me in the feels with the album version but live is so much more...idek the word i wanna use lol
  9. I'm planning on watching it yeah, I have the page already bookmarked so I don't forget.
  10. I wish I could go but for whoever's going, scream extra loud during Baepsae for me lol (y'all know why XD)
  11. Oh I have a link to another one but I'm pretty sure it belongs in the 18+ forum x.x also that smile at the end...he knows what the hell he's doing to us XD