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  1. Since I can't find a topic to talk about it, I'll just create one. This topic is for everyone who encounters something new in the BTS universe and wants to speak up about their feelings. As a new fan, there is still so much content for me to explore, so many old things will be new for me. You can also use this thread to just dump whatever feeling the boys make you feel. We need to unleash my feelings somehow to stay sane lol. ---- Yesterday I watched the 3rd Muster event. It was fun and cute, so I laughed a lot. I wanted to try something different today, so I killed myself by watching the BTS Live Trilogy Wings Tour Final in Seoul. I was curious about it because of Burn the Stage movie. I've been listening to the Wings/YNWA album because I want to understand the story arcs more. I've had some favorites (Lie and MAMA are easily the top ones), but the live concert opened my eyes to more songs. I'll just say all songs. All the solo songs were very, very impressive. I had goosebumps so many times, especially in Reflection, Stigma, MAMA, and Awake. Absolutely beautiful. Jin officially destroys me with his voice only, twice, in Awake and Epiphany (congrats sir!). Then came the closing segment, and I couldn't stop crying. Beautiful in so many ways. (Born Singer is too powerful for me I broke so easily and so fast under the song.) The trilogy, especially the Wings era, seems to be very precious to the members and the fans, so I will definitely learn more about it. What an experience, and that's just watching from the DVD. I hope one day I can see and feel their magic with my own eyes. That's all for now. Thanks for reading my random comment! :3
  2. Nothing can attack you like a video: This BST performance is very offensive in some ways (all in good ways though)
  3. I'm actually laughing at the small tidbits like how they commented that they thought the fish-n-chips was tteokbokki in the beginning (can't detect whose voice it is, probably Jin or Jimin?) or how JK played with Hobi when they're talking about each other.
  4. Vii

    Jungkook's Birthday

    Eternally celebrating the day one of the seven angels is born.
  5. That's interesting. I think I saw many big news websites covering that news, but maybe it wasn't reported in local news? Many seem familiar with IDOL though, so that's good enough.
  6. Honestly, I feel that DNA doesn't work without JK there lol. He plays more vital role there compared to IDOL, for example, so the dynamics of the choreo are much more affected in DNA than IDOL. Praying for a super fast recovery for the wound!!! I think Jimin made a cute mistake in IDOL too, but overall that's a solid performance. And congrats for winning on MTV Japan!!
  7. I so love their tweets lately. The boys turn simple things into model-like runways. Just look at Tae and Namjoon lol.
  8. Suga is so lazy as always lol. I'm just happy he seems happy and healthy, hopefully the neck and back pain is completely gone by now. edit: Looks like Jimin went on vLive for his birthday! Time to hunt the eng sub~~
  9. Haha suara saya sama jeleknya. :x @jjangyi YAASS ada di Cinemaxx beneran? Kalo Cinemaxx kan ada di malang.. tadi ketemunya cuma CGV Blitz yg nayangin. Kalo di Batam mgkn ada CGV @SeokSeok ?
  10. I honestly didn't realize anything until I saw those Twitter posts. I didn't know that's Christian Grey either lol. Boys got themselves a new fan I guess.
  11. @sungel Oh, very good point, I didn't think of that. I guess that means it's only a wound on the surface, but things are good on the inside. I think that still takes days or weeks to heal tho? Looks like he will have to sit through a few more concerts. Maphisto, thanks for the info! Maybe the English translator thought it would make people worry more to hear about stitches.
  12. LOL at Jimin's photo at the second tweet muahahahaha
  13. I loooove this performance! I thought they would sit throughout the song, but it turned out that it was just for the beginning. It did feel empty with only 5 of them dancing, but I totally agree with their charisma. I thought they still own the stage despite being limited in many ways. I was surprised when JK joined them at the end, but happy that he did. It just felt good. Glad he didn't push himself too hard, and glad that he seemed to recover well.
  14. I thought the show aired on October 12th? It looks like the full segment to me. Me toooooo I'm sooo happy they finally appeared with this costume set but unfortunately it wasn't full team and they couldn't dance fully. No problem though, I'm just happy they used that costume in contrast to the other guests. Always so classy, these boys. My heart dropped a bit when I heard that Kookie had stitches. I thought it was just sprained ankle or something... It must've been worse than what we're told. Jin, I love you, but I did cringe a little at his introduction lmao.
  15. Oh, it's already the 13th in SK I guess. Happy birthday Jimin! I hope for your speedy recovery and a wonderful year ahead. May all your dreams come true. <3