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  1. I miss you so much

    1. Vii


      Hi!! Thanks for the message, been forever since I last came here haha. How are you?

  2. Happy Birthday😄:jungkook9:

  3. Happy early borthday!!!!!!!   

  4. LOL Is there anything Yoongi can't do? He looks so good while cooking because he is so confident. Laugh so much at how Chim and Tae still have the guts to prank Yoongi after all of that. I guess when you're already at the rock bottom, you can do anything lol. It's great watching them having fun. Can't wait for the next ep!
  5. Isn't the Tear designer a different one to this?
  6. OMG LOL I totally got it wrong! I'm so sorry. Mods, you can delete my post above LOL how stupid of me
  7. hi

    1. Vii


      Hi! I'm actually off to sleep haha sorry so I'll reply to you tomorrow. See ya!

    2. kingseokjin1992
    3. kingseokjin1992
  8. Tbh that further decreases my motivation to start learning about the universe lol I'll just ride along with the songs and ignore the story behind. xD
  9. @Cypher• I'm pretty sure they won't lay it all out for us to read without thinking ourselves. If anything, they may even make it even more complicated lol. I wonder if this means they are planning to continue the storyline to a new era with the comeback. I haven't started on my homework yet T_T
  10. So cute. People caught Paul Kim's Instagram story showing that he's listening to many BTS songs lol playing like crazy at an award show really has its advantages! https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/bts/8492343/bts-jin-beautiful-moment-twitter-video-note?utm_source=twitter&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral Everyone is saying "comeback is near!!!" and here I am feeling a bit nervous about it lol.
  11. Apparently, more interesting stuffs are coming.
  12. Oh, I thought we would only have dolls. Not that I'm interested in figurines or toys, but it's a bigger scope than what I thought. I'm skeptical as well, but we'll see how it goes.