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Happy 2nd Anniversary!
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  1. I'm actually confused by this new chart. A while back we see the number of BTS streams/fans on Spotify generally in par with Ariana, but still way below Dua Lipa. I think the pictures are in OT7 lounge, but I'm not sure. Either way, I'd say it's a successful year for BTS on Spotify, so here's wishing for a better 2019 \o/
  2. Lol maybe they want the car to fly someday! :D
  3. Thanks to the daughters of these writers/reporters
  4. @JoyD LOL so happy for you! That's 2018 Seasons Greetings? I've yet to own any official merch, but I ordered a fanmade 2019 planner with BTS theme. The front page says "I DO BELIEVE YOUR GALAXY" which is one of my favorite slogans, so I'm already happy. Can't imagine how crazy I'll get if I get an official merch LOL
  5. Loving this for the solo dance shoots before IDOL. It's almost as good as the rerun where they fix the screen transition. <333
  6. It's been dayssssss and I'm still repeating the video, still playing all the new videos for this performance. This trinity's aesthetics are so pleasing it's kinda addicting. It's focused on them as the dancer, so we can't see the interaction with backup dancers well, but it's solved in another video. I have nothing to complain. Bangtan Bombs know the best <333 I'm looking forward to getting punched in the face for the first time. Let MAMA commence!
  7. They look so good ;__; and Jin looking back to the boys in back seat feels like a dad watching over his kids ;__;
  8. A good start! It's time to get ready for two upcoming parties this week lol. It's one of the things that will keep me alive through this busy week T__T Right? I can't wait as well! <3
  9. Me too lol and the ARMY comments also made the video even more lovely tbh haha
  10. Why do I feel like Suga looks sooo lazy/sleepy in this video lol
  11. @Cypher• The Go Go heart performance? It's one of the videos that converted me further into the fandom lmao bless King Seokjin for his brilliant idea! <3
  12. Oooh that's cute thank you very much! \o/ Nothing makes a fan like me happier than being able to talk about my loves with fellow fans, so thank you for making this place. <3