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  1. I'm so curious about this collaboration! *o* Hopefully the dolls will look like the members.... (like they should look ^^).
  2. They deserve those awards! I'm so happy for them! They won so many awards this year!
  3. I've seen PATHELIVE at the bottom of the website. French cinemas... That's gonna be awesome!
  4. The lyrics are so pretty and deep. I love it!
  5. Elea

    Album Giveaways!

    I'm in as well! My bias is RM. Good luck ♥
  6. I was expecting something powerful, fast flow... and he did the opposite! It surprised me for a second, but 'forever rain' is a masterpiece! The lyrics are so beautiful. ♥
  7. Elea

    [2018 Seoul City TVC]

    Ah that sounds awesome!
  8. Elea

    [2018 Seoul City TVC]

    I really wanna go to Seoul now! XD But I don't really wanna go alone ahah
  9. Those pictures are so sweet! I'm so happy and proud!
  10. I found it funny! Creating a BTS nation is actually a good idea and could give so many good fictions about it with the members as part of the government and giving/teaching young kids (or anyone) some ideas or situations that actually exist and what we could do about it like starvation, racism... Maybe it's just my creative writer's mind going crazy XD
  11. I got Jin! I guess as the oldest child in the family (5 children in total) that makes sense somewhere? XD The boys' answers are funny! Why so many got the same result? x)
  12. They did well! :) Hopefully they'll be able to get some rest... They kinda did performances on performances... >.<
  13. That's true! I started watching Bon Voyage and yes! They all improved so much!