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  1. I got my ticket! I'm so curious about the content of the movie! Everytime I found it super interesting! ^^
  2. Everything is really beautiful! It amazes me as I cannot find anything negative about their work XD
  3. It was "No More Dream" for me! During their first showcase (I'm an old fan T_T) I got stuck with them since Day 1 x)
  4. They are all amazing, but Jungkook's theme is my favorite overall! ♥
  5. 2018 was so a busy year for the boys! (and I feel like 2019 was even busier... XD) I can"t wait to see the full DVD!
  6. Everything is beautiful! The MV, the song, the lyrics... ♥
  7. The MV is so awesome! The lyrics are cute and mature at the same time. I really love the ARMY/BTS relation at this point (I don't like it when it becomes toxic as for the group and for us). The fact that the MV, clothes, hair... everything is colorful is nice, it has a Spring vibe~. It looks like they had fun filming the MV. ♥
  8. The grey/silver with his glasses on ♥
  9. I saw some tweets going all mad because the president is not Namjoon but the current president.... As if people couldn't tell it was a bit of a joke, but no they found it offended. I saw some pretty good pictures overall. I though some were real but no XD
  10. I'm so excited! I can't wait to see what kind of song he'll release! ♥
  11. Thanks for sharing this! I'm sorry this happened to you Can't you get a refund?
  12. I'm so curious about this collaboration! *o* Hopefully the dolls will look like the members.... (like they should look ^^).
  13. My first MV was "No More Dream" at the verrry beginning of their career! (seems like a long time ago now!)

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