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  1. I miss you so much

  2. I feel like you haven’t been online in forever

  3. @sungel No, I am in Barcelona. So it was the whole night till 6am + vlive drama = going to bed at 7:30am
  4. @movietvdrama @sungel @Cypher• OMG just woke up after 3 hours of sleep to find out that they went live 40 mins after i went to bed WHY OH WHY
  5. @movietvdrama omg going! and yes probably should sleep lol PS. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW just watched
  6. OMG LOOK AT HIM ^ Would let him step on my face every single day.
  7. @movietvdrama @Cypher• video message from tae. Translation: “ARMY, thank you for making us good memories and allowing us to come to the Grammys. I want to always be a good person, good singer and show good sides for ARMY. Thank You!
  8. @movietvdrama i don't think that's an option for me anymore, so probably will stay around fingers crossed.
  9. @movietvdrama i wouldn't complain to a pajamas vlive, so are you waiting? I think we lost @Cypher•
  10. @movietvdrama awwwwww they might try to make another from the hotel, twitter and rumours...
  11. happy llama, sad llama, mentally disturbed llama... PS. Not sure if it's too early or too late to go to bed. And had too many coffees... And then possibly Namjoon broke vlive... PS2 @Cypher• @movietvdrama some sources say that they have mentioned on twitter that they are trying to make another, no idea
  12. @movietvdrama nothing in particular, something to kill some time
  13. @movietvdrama @Cypher• we can play a game while we wait...
  14. @Cypher• DEF Looks like vlive army are expecting a new live after the last one crashing.