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  1. @sungel true but still... Will maybe check later... or tomorrow.
  2. JoyD

    question Bomb

    @Cypher• i always thought they were related to the likes... but makes even more sense now. Guess the likes give you reputation?
  3. OMG so excited until I *silly me* opened your spoilers and now I don't feel in the mood for it anymore...
  4. Yesterday's episode was hilarious, can't wait for the second part!
  5. @Maphisto40 min holly was trending for hours <3
  6. @Flame yes true but the last images were prob at the end? they shouldn't have done the last song, it was too much. I hope he is better and they get a rest.
  7. Not sure if this has been posted in the forum but I am crying. While we were watching the stream we didn't notice and didn't see all the cameras... JK collapsed, this video broke my heart.
  8. See you all around was great to have another stream together! bye!
  9. ok let's kill the last camera. Mixed feelings about the last song, I loved it but they were already tired THERE WAS NO NEED to exhaust them
  10. omg couldn't even come to comment while watching! that was amazing.
  11. my 'forum subtitle' went from vante to golden maknae, how is that an improvement? HAPPY FOR WHATEVER THEY HAVE WON... Guess there's still an award left?
  12. yay for singularity. Does it still have the views? PLEASE PLEASE And can't wait for BTS and the end!