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  1. December 18th, 2017. A year go today. You left this cruel and vile place called earth and you joined the angels up in the cosmos. I've always thought about you. I walk along and continue my day and suddenly a thought of you would slip into my mind and I'd sit down; wondering what you may be up to, how you're doing and I realize every time that you are finally at peace. The legacy of your music, your words, your lyrics, YOUR legacy will forever echo in the hearts of millions, like the soft sound of a far away piano. Naturally, the crush that I felt when I found out on that night of December 18th, 2017, you left us was one of the greatest pains I've yet felt. How could we have lost an angel here on earth? I saw articles about your death, and watched interviews where you talked about feeling lost and not like yourself. I'm sorry that was going through your being, I'm sorry. I wish you were still here, but I feel better knowing you're in a much better place now. You did well, Jonghyun. Rest easy, angel. I miss you and I love you. Keep being a blessing to the galaxies and thank you for watching over SHINee and Shawols. You'll forever be our darling prince. 




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      When  I first saw that he has passed I cried myself to sleep and for about a week but now he's in a safer place. R.I.P Jonghyun

  2. 1 year ago did you leave this world or just leaves the famous life Ii hope it was just the famous life because I love you so much it may not be more than 1 person but a lot more than others

  3. Are you really gone

    1. NamJoonsWife


      No sweetie. I am just a few steps away

  4. I just feel like cyring

    1. Jinri


      Why? Something happened?

    2. taecherries


      look at my profile picture

  5. HAPPYBIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!