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  1. I know I just joined, but I'm going to be taking a break. I have used this site incorrectly, I've used it as a distraction from the battle. I'm using it to waste my life and it's not what this site is intended for. I hope you will forgive me. I need to do some work I've been putting off. If you see me back on here and I haven't posted any updates about winning this battle please hold me accountable. Tell me to get back out there and fight. I'm asking a lot and I fear it's unfair to ask you to almost push me away. But please, I don't want to waste my life, and I don't want to use this site or any other site as a distraction from the growing piles of work that must be done. Help me win this fight~Rin

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    2. kingseokjin1992


      Unnie will have better words so read her response

    3. Park Rin

      Park Rin

      Thank you for understanding! Hwaiting!

    4. kingseokjin1992
  2. I wish I had Genetic, Complete Heterochromia, one eye green, and one eye blue. I don't want to develop it though because it's usually developed by damage to one eye. But it's such a pretty look! Should I get contacts? The idea of things touching my eye doesn't sit well with me but for a look like that... Should I abandon my glasses for Complete Heterochromia contacts?

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    2. Park Rin

      Park Rin

      That's true. So that leads back with me getting caught up with school so I can get that job once I'm old enough.

    3. Jinri


      Yeah .. that's alright for now.. study first..

    4. Park Rin

      Park Rin

      Yeah, it's just that, I feel like things are going so slow right now, you know? It's hard to stay motivated. And I know I need to do the boring stuff to work up to the more exciting things but, I just can't seem to stay on top of it. I get distracted and procrastinate a lot, and it's a bad habit. But I don't know how to stop. I'm lost, stuck in a time where I can only do so much with my life. And I hate it but I distract myself with youtube and social media. "I don't need that right now, it can wait until I get caught up let's watch some youtube" As if my work will just do itself. It won't and I'll get more and more behind and get more and more overwhelmed at how much I have to do until I'm drowned it work that I don't have enough time in this life to accomplish anymore. I'll learn I've wasted my life and for what? some videos on the rarest eye colors or some fan MAPs? Sorry for ranting I had no idea I would type so much but it really helped me figure some things out.

  3. I got Jungkook Posting my results here so I can come back to them easily: You'd be a perfect fit with Jungkook! You pack the exact amount of things that you need and you're ready to go! Your favorite thing about traveling is the food. You are willing to try anything! You are quite impulsive so you may not always get out to sight-seeing, but you're definitely going to find something cool. Your ideal place is the countryside with just the right kind of weather, where you can do many different kinds of athletic activities. Like Jungkook, you love to take photos and record parts of your journey, as you want to immortalize your memories. You like to buy something fun, like liquor, that you can use to celebrate later on. Jungkook is your ideal companion as his spontaneity would keep you on your toes!
  4. I thought Florida was full of old people... Every comedian ever has lied to me.

  5. thank you for following me

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    2. Park Rin

      Park Rin

      Same! At first I thought "this is WAY to colorful" because I was going through a little emo phase, (I'm still lowkey emo) but then I watched it again, and again, and again, and then I watched other MV's and then I "just wanted to know there names" and went down the good ol rabbit hole.

    3. kingseokjin1992


      would you like me to pm you? yeah same

    4. Park Rin
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