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  1. I think mine was Not Today because I didn't know any music by them at the time, so I pulled up a playlist someone made of some music of theirs. I think besides that I heard instrumentals of Go Go and Blood, Sweat, and Tears.
  2. Take care AJ, we love you. ♥ Take your time with things! Remember to take breaks too!
  3. Awwwww

    1. Sincerelyyoongi


      I love txt soo much

    2. kueninghai


      gosh, SAME. theyre my children ;;

      also, im glad to see you here! : D

    3. Sincerelyyoongi
  4. Who’s your bias in  TXT? Mines Beomgyu ٩( ᐛ )و

    1. kueninghai


      beomgyu and hueningkai!! : D

      i lean towards kai a tiny bit more, but i love them both!!

    2. Jin_means_gold


      Young ones for life !! ٩( ᐛ )و

    3. kueninghai


      ♡ ♡ ♡

  5. I don't have any photos of my Jimin photocard that I got with MOTS:P, but I have a picture of my Yoongi post card! I framed it :3
  6. I want the BTS perfume so bad ughhhhh

    1. Jin_means_gold


      Me too! I wonder how it smells... Like Downey???

    2. kueninghai
  7. after like 16 centuries, i finally got around to updating my profile

    atleast it looks nice now lmao

  8. me: gee i should really work on coloring lunnarp

    also me:


  9. Jimin drawingjimin.jpg

    1. Jin_means_gold


      Omg it’s so good! Kudos:wow:

    2. kueninghai
  10. Sneak peek of the coloring on page two


  11. Sneak peek of the colored cover of LUNNARP, a BTS comic my friend made.

    Check my thread about it for more details!!lunnarp-00.png

    1. Sincerelyyoongi


      That is so awesome 

    2. kueninghai
    3. Sincerelyyoongi


      Damn I didn't know it was like that

  12. 20190426-110540.jpg

    👼 ANGEL 👼

  13. Sorry, I'm just never active.  I sometimes lurk around.  I'm more active on my art twitter (@nihilistwyvern).  Here's Taehyung with his new hair color though....ah.  It's my baby boy.


  14. bt21.png

    originally drawn on paper with ink liner then scanned & colored on my computer