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  1. I'm gonna be 100% honest here.........I didn't know Hoseok was older than Namjoon........

  2. I drew other members as squids/octoboys.  Since I drew Yoongi, I wanted to draw the other boys :')



  3. Last night I was playing Splatoon, and someone's name was Suga.

    Behold, Yoongi as a squid boysnorts-ketamine-with-my-sister.png

    1. shrimpkicks


      Just a few doodles from last night.  I miss Yoongi's white headband...

    2. kingseokjin1992
  4. Valentine's day isn't just about having a significant other.  Remember to give love to your family, your friends, and your pets tomorrow, too.  ^-^

  5. what the new gold/yellow site theme reminds me of


  6. Why do kids so desperately want to grow up?  The adult world is harsh and cold.  Please enjoy being a child still.  It's much easier being a kid and doing kid things. 

    I hate being an adult.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. kingseokjin1992
    3. I love SUGA 2004
    4. lost-at-home


      Being an adult is super overrated. Yeah there's fun things about being an adult, like choosing what to spend your money on and being on your own and getting to live by your rules, but with all of that comes heavy responsibility.

  7. IMG-20190204-144647.jpg


    I haven't posted a BTS doodle in a while...

    1. shrimpkicks


      I can only draw Jimin!  That's it!  No one else!

    2. kingseokjin1992


      aw this is good though

    3. I love SUGA 2004
  8. IMG-20190120-191741.jpg

    Not entirely BTS related.  But, right now I'm trying to get a shiny Charmander on my copy of Fire Red (my file's name is Namjoon), and I want to name my Charmander Rapmonster when I get him.

    I spend a little too much time playing Pokemon.

  9. Has anyone else read the BTS webtoon yet?

    Man, it's sad.

  10. finally...all the txt boys have been shown...

    yeonjun, soobin, hueningkai, taehyun, and beomgyu

    they're all so beautiful

    i can rest easy now