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  1. @JİMİN FAN GİRL YES GURL! PREACH! just hook me up about when you are going to do it
  2. Here is a letter i made to Jonghyun (I'm if it's cringy)


    You was my hope.

    You was my everything

    You was there for me when no one else was

    But when i heard of your passing,It broke my heart into pieces

    I have a lot of regrets in my life but

    This one is the one i regret  the most

    Even tho it’s been a year since your death

    I still cry every night thinking that i could’ve tried harder

    I know I should not mourn over your death, But I can’t

    You was my light in the dark

    My broken hope

    Your music was there when I about to give up

    You gave me the courage to live

    You was the reason why i write music now

    Even now i still cry and mourn over your death but

    It’s because of you that people have(or have not still) taken suicide to the light

    You showed them that suicide is no joke

    I hate that you had to take away your beautiful precise life

    You brought hope, smiles and laughs to many of your fans

    Including me

    You will never be forgotten you will always be in our hearts no matter what

    Even if K-Pop becomes old

    We will think about many of the beautifuls artist who took their lives because of the same reason

    I wish you the best of luck and so you know

    You will always be my hope in the dark

    You will always be my smile, my laugh, and the reason why i can be a little happy

    I love you...Forever and always even if death breaks us apart

    I will still love you

    “There is nothing in the world that uses a tool for creation. I only express something that already exists in music and art”- Jonghyun


  3. @kingseokjin1992 I agree! Meteor Garden had me in my feelings #913 I want to be a good mother
  4. All there laughs are beautiful but I would have to say Jin's is out stands everyone else
  5. Do you know how Bambam is now?(summer=bambam)

    I'm curious about her


    1. kingseokjin1992



    2. NamJoonsWife
  7. I'm really sorry about what I said  

  8. beside @Jinri everyone ik can go FUCK THEM SELF! I am not staying on this shit anymore dont talk to me even if im on that just mean  i dont want to you ever again

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    2. NamJoonsWife


      you that you wanted to break up

    3. NamJoonsWife


      but shes right in a way tho

    4. kingseokjin1992


      but I HATE hurting people so I am sorry

      and why are you stuck on that still?

  9. Lost a member of the fight...........so it's 2 vs. 4 so fucking uneven

  10. Today is the day about my fight

  11. Ok so I am going to a song about betray and fake people who want to help me with the lyrics