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  1. hello if someone eles tell me that myex is saying we still go out i swear im gonna lose it 

  2. hey how is everyone. im gonna try to get on everyday and talk to some of u .and pls pls pls be safe 

  3. hello. if i hear a scream is it important to see if everything is ok and if its not am i not allowed to help. 

  4. i hope all of u r ok

  5. i dont know how im going to walk in the amusment park tomorrow but ive been looking forward to it since i seen the brocure 

    1. NamJoonsWife


      plz be safe papi

    2. savannah


      ok ok i will me safe *laughs*



      Take me with you.

  6. help me pls!!!!! i think imma get pushed down the stairs .. save me 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. savannah


      my leg fucking hurts tho 

    3. NamJoonsWife


      awwwwwwwwww-_-i feel like a terrible gf cause i can be there to comfort you

    4. savannah


      i know were i am now im in hicory wit my bros house 

  7. Hola a todos. Espero que todos estén bien. Intentaré seguir adelante todos los días, pero si no lo hago, llegaré pronto.

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    2. NamJoonsWife



      pero ........ ¿cómo puedo ser amoroso y feliz ......... cuando estoy completamente destrozado y solo estoy feliz contigo?

    3. savannah


      im not going anywhere andi told you i will put u back  together

    4. NamJoonsWife


      ^_^ thnk papi can you

  8. hey everyone  hows it going 

  9. is sad that every time i help someone i end up getting hurt

  10. whats wrong with my family  these days i say i want to die nooo they say... i say im getting bullied by my own blood sister they say i will be fine.. i say i need help or it wont end well they say go  away .like what did i do to deserve this