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  1. i dont know whats been oing on here i haven't been on in awhile and i missed all of u summer im so sorry u deserve better from me i'm sorry i wasen't here. recently i was told that i need to stop breathing and i have been depressed and i didn't want u to worry u or papito i'm so sorry 

  2. how can you live withot a soul or with the  demons that always want to play the same way i can but with a lot of confuseion and no one really knows you unless you let them in .i was scared to let you in . and was scred about what you were going to say .but i relisied that i could care less . its a new year and im setting my self free.

  3. my only regret is makeing myself mrisable

  4. i thought you might want me to leave for a while 

  5. froze is to cold which heat is to hot 

  6. morningi know i said i was giong to sleep but i stay up all night

    1. NamJoonsWife


      hahah I slept for a bit but I can't go back to sleep now

    2. savannah